Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Art Meets Robotics at Cairotronica

The Cairo International Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium – Cairotronica – brings the world's finest digital artists to the city.

Staff Writer

If the prevalence of technology has taught us anything, it is that humanity’s ability and willingness to carry a face-to-face conversation were never really that strong to begin with, so we might as well just lose ourselves in the sweet distraction that is the virtual world.      

The latest edition of the Cairo International Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium, a.k.a. Cairotronica, set to be held from May 3rd until the 17th, is a modern man’s wonderland as it features artists, engineers, designers, and academics from Egypt, the MENA region, and beyond. Sponsored by Cairo’s French Cultural Centre, the symposium that is Cairotronica focuses on all forms of digital art – from film to music to visuals – and will host an exhibition by a number of artists, workshops for Egyptian students and emerging digital artists, as well as film screenings, and video game, robot, and artificial intelligence demos.

So if, like us, you spend your time reading the entire Internet, goofing around on social media, and playing video games, Cairotronica is one of the only places in Cairo where those character flaws are  actually celebrated!

Find out more about Cairotronica here.