Monday May 20th, 2024
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Flyboard Air Brings Green Goblin's Glider To Life

Looking like something straight out of a Marvel movie, comes the latest invention that boldly proclaims the future is here and might be in Egypt sooner than you would think...

Staff Writer

Flyboard Air Brings Green Goblin's Glider To Life

The creators of the Flyboard have taken the hoverboard to the next level, releasing a video showing a similar board with no attachments reminiscent of the Green Goblin's flying craft from those popular Spiderman movies everyone loves.

We think we can safely say that the future is here, and even more encouragingly, it isn’t far from being in Egypt. The same team known as Zapata Racing that created the Flyboard tethered to a Jet Ski providing propulsion, has created a new board that requires no tether at all. Seriously, it looks like the Green Goblin’s glider and the video of it instantly went viral.

Currently,the Flyboard tethered to the Jet Ski is available in Egypt, which was in fact was one of the first few countries to bring it over thanks to the efforts of Wael Abdou. When we first tried the Flyboard powered by jet ski in Porto Marina, we spoke with Abdou, who wasted no time getting on a plane to Marseille, to meet the inventor Franky Zapata and bring the Flyboard to Egypt. During our interview, he could see that we were completely floored by the amazing machine he had brought to Egypt, however at the time Abdou slyly mentioned that something much cooler was coming claiming, “There’s something coming from abroad, but I don’t want to talk about it - although when it hits the city people will go crazy. The only clues I can give you is it involves speed, surf, and land, but I never sell anything before I touch it first.”

We didn’t know what to think then, but now we assume he is talking about the new and improved Flyboard Air. As it stands, the newest form of flight is still awaiting safety certificates and is not available for commercial purchase. As soon as it is available and permitted in Egypt, you can bet that Wael Abdou will make sure that Egypt will be one of the first countries to adopt this exciting new flying craft.