Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Is Bringing Everyone Back

'Blood Of My Blood' is not as bloody as it sounds.

Staff Writer

He held the door and we all loved him more than ever just because of that. That iconic and eye-opening scene from last episode closed on such a high that we were left gazing at our screens in oblivious shock. We will always love and respect you, oh kindhearted Hodor. Luckily, Bran and Meera were able to get away – no thanks to Bran who was wandering about in his visions while Meera struggled to drag him to safety. And just as they were about to be slaughtered by the army of the dead, they are saved by a mysterious character. To all our surprise, the mysterious saviour is Benjen Stark. “But he is dead?” Well, yes and no. This epic turning point revealed his comeback after being ‘saved’ by the Children of the Forest who are kind of the reason he is dead; being that they are the reason the white-walkers even exist.Now, before we move on to look at all the other scenes that are seriously as monumental as the Benjen reveal, we should pause and dwell on Bran’s series of abrupt premonitions or flashbacks. So he sees: mother murdered, flying dragon, baby with Night King, brother murdered, more Night King, father executed, mad king, and some more Night King with baby. That about covers them all! What are we to expect?Moving on to a lighter note, Samwell, Gilly, and baby Samwell are on their way ‘home’ to the house of Tarly anticipating and hoping for a warm welcome. Well, Sam sort of gave it away when he told us more about his dad’s feelings towards wildlings, but still we waited for a long time for this to happen and it finally did. It's not news that Sam is soft, even softer than Gilly, so meeting Randyll (father) it was no surprise that he was about to give his son an illogically exaggerated hard time. And holy shit, Gilly just couldn’t keep her mouth shut, she had to let him know that she is a wildling. We secretly hoped Sammy would stand up to his dad at that point, but no. It was cool, though, when he changed his mind about leaving Gilly behind, taking the sword and running off; it's like he got an extra dose of testosterone when he stepped out of the bedroom.Never underestimate the High Sparrow, cunningly and gradually manipulating the mind of young King Tommen to believe in ‘the faith’. And to seal the deal, he took him to his wife Margaery who has surprisingly accepted the faith with such extreme resolve that it surprises us all from her non-relenting strength and resistance before. It is probably all some kind of deceitful act she is putting on to find a way to save her brother. At least we hope it is; we really loved her when she was strong and defiant. It's hard to tell, though, because Natalie Dormer keeps this solid straight face that is seemingly emotionless, kind of like Kristen Stewart, and for the first time ever she even claims that her brother’s sexual preference is a sin. Oh, and what a burn when an army of Tyrell’s and Jamie Lannister march forward to stop the long anticipated walk of atonement (walk of shame), only to be shot down by the young king himself. So, for now, the crown and the faith are apparently friends in this obscure plot twist that has us all confused and eager to see what is to come.No, we did not forget about Aria Stark (Mercy) and her plans to poison the actress Lady Crane. So Aria goes again to watch the play reenacting the scene of King Joffrey’s murder, and, for the first time ever, she laughs as she watches. She sneaks in to the dressing room backstage before the end of the show and slips some poison into the rum as planned, but on her way out she is stopped by Lady Crane. This talented and insightful old actress sees herself in you Aria and feels encouraged to give her a pep talk about acting, and even offers her an opportunity to join, but Aria just runs off. As Lady Crane is just about to take that fatal sip of her rum, Aria bursts in to slap the glass out of her hand and warns her of the other actress who was contemplating her murder. Jaqen H'ghar is not too happy about it, and orders his faithful blonde assistant to kill Aria. But Aria had already hidden herself well after fetching the old sword her father had given her.Daenerys Targaryen continues to lead her newly acquired army of Dothrakis back to Meereen and stops for a moment to talk to Daario Naharis about their future plans to conquer Westeros. So somehow they need a fleet of 1,000 or more ships; *cough* Euron Greyjoy *cough*. Well anyway, who knows, right? Then she suddenly runs off and asks everyone to wait for her, but she was gone for quite a while. She then comes back riding her dragon, Drogon, who had flown off a long while back. This epic scene of her flying in and landing in front of the terrified army of Dothrakis to give an enticing and vigorous speech was paramount to the shaping and strengthening of her bond with her newly acquired army, and leaves all of us anxiously awaiting for the epic battle of the Seven Kingdoms to come.