Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Gamers Lounge is Throwing the Largest eSports Event in the MENA Region

A meeting of the minds, keyboards, phones and controllers? Don’t mind if we do.

Staff Writer

Gamers Lounge is Throwing the Largest eSports Event in the MENA Region

To say that video games are exclusively a child’s endeavor in this day and age is like saying shows like Rick & Morty are for kindergarteners (please don’t show it to your children). Whether you’re a 12, 20, 30 or even 60, video games have managed to penetrate any and all societal standard and stigma to become a positive, rewarding and artful form of entertainment and creativity for folks the world over.

Luckily for us in the MENA region, the wonderful people at Gamers Lounge, in partnership with EGYcon, are establishing the eSports scene right here in Egypt with the official ESports Summit.

This Saturday, on the 29th of September from 12 PM to 10 PM, gamers, cosplayers and fun-loving fans from all around can attend the biggest gaming event in the region, right here in the GrEEK Campus.

Those of you in it to win it can waltz into a range of competitions and tournaments to prove your mettle, including:

  • The League of Legends Summer Cup Finale (for 170 quick-clickers around the world).

  • The Middle East’s biggest (and first) Fortnite (PC) Lan Tournament (try not to be a bush for the whole thing).

  • Red Bull’s Clash Royale M.E.O Tournament by ESL (for over 900 pocket survivors).

  • CS:GO (try rushing B without the smoke, we dare you).

  • Fast-paced 1v1 League of Legends tournaments (two mice enter, both get destroyed).

  • Riveting 1v1 DoTA tournaments (we recommend picking the Bastion announcer).

  • FIFA tournaments (It’s FIFA, you know what to do).

  • Tekken 7 tournaments (mash buttons, win things, happy times).

  • AMD’s Ryzen Arena featuring Rocket League, Street Fighter and CS:GO tournaments (big money).

  • Mortal Kombat tournaments (like Tekken, but far more violent).

  • Hearthstone tournaments (hope you know your decks well enough).

For those of you who’d rather avoid the button mashing and go for a bit more creative aesthetic, EGYcon will be throwing the MENA region’s largest video game character cosplay competition. Just remember that it’s all in good fun, not just for competition.

So if you or any of your friendos want to meet, great and maybe even beat likeminded gamers the region over, and have a stab at any of the 180,000 EGP’s worth of prizes up for grabs, grab your ticket for only EGP 60.