Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Google Becomes Alphabet

The newly-established mother company sees Larry Page move on to focus on bigger and better things, while Android and Google will be under the supervision of new CEO Sundar Pichai.

Staff Writer

With the aim to achieve goals including, getting more ambitious things done, empowering entrepreneurs and companies to flourish and making Google better through greater focus, ex-Google CEO, now Alphabet CEO Larry Page waxes lyrical about the new mother-company.

Since Page is now out of the picture, focusing on the now bigger one, that leaves Sundar Pichai, of Indian origin, to take charge of the beloved Google company, positioned as CEO. "It is clear to us and our board that it is time for Sundar to be CEO of Google. I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations," says Larry about Pichai taking over.

Google has been going on spin-off projects that don't have much to do with the origin of the company's intention; storing and organising the world's set of information, internet-connected home devices, such as  Fiber, doing high-speed internet, and Google X, which has projects like self-driving cars.

Meanwhile though, YouTube and Android will remain under the name of Google, meaning under control of Pichai and will not go with Alphabet, but Alphabet still has a lot of projects yet to achieve and present to the world. At least that's what Page thinks: "We will rigorously handle capital allocation and work to make sure each business is executing well."Alphabet is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence."