Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Hack4Egypt: Programmers, Entrepreneurs, and Designers Meet for 72 Daring Hours

Make an impact and challenge the status quo with a hands-on hackathon aimed at finding creative tech solutions through 'purpose-driven tech'.

Staff Writer

As the Rise Up Summit sets out to disrupt the entrepreneurial world and push the limits of Egypt’s tech landscape, a promising hackathon will take place during those two vibrant days on campus.

Hack4Egypt is part of HackaMENA tour, which gathers technopreneurs from the MENA region to build high-impact and scalable solution; it will take place in collaboration with the Rise Up Summit kicking off on December 12th. The initiative revolves around what tech geeks call ICT HEAT, an acronym that stands to define the Health, Education, Agriculture, and Transportation sectors, and aims to trigger what they term ‘purpose-driven tech’ by attracting and connecting talented minds, something Rise Up has been doing for the past three years. 

The hackathon brings together the most innovative and daring programmers, entrepreneurs, and designers, who will have 72 hours and a stimulating environment at their disposal to step up, challenge the status quo, and build high-impact and scalable solutions within those sectors. The hackathon promises a fun, challenging, and very hands-on weekend, with select participants receiving skill-sessions related to coding, design thinking, and pitching, as well as inspirational sessions delivered by industry experts.

Take part in Hack4Egypt if you want to make an impact and aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. And y'know, if you have mad coding skills. Will you be there?

You can apply through their website, Facebook event, or find out more using the hashtag #hack4impact.