Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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How We Huawei

Huawei hit us up with their new G8 Android handset, a device laden with funky features that go beyond any regular phone. So we gave the phone to each of the members of the CairoScene office to test out for the day...

Staff Writer

Huawei, in an effort we assume to expand their market share in Egypt, decided to send a G8 Android handset to the CairoScene office for us to check out. So, we decided to give the phone to each member of the team for the day to see how they decided to use the phone and how it benefited this rag-tag team of misfits. Huawwwwweyy!

Farah Hosny, Senior Editor

Favourite feature - Vogue Makeup (virtual makeup creator)

"I never have time to actually put on makeup in real life so only in the digital world can I look like I don't live under a bridge."

Picture taken with Huawei G8 "Vogue-Makeup" setting.

Skot Thayer, Staff Writer

Favourite feature - Snapdragon 616 Processor for high performance gaming experience

"The game-play and performance, is fast, dynamic and fluid... My toilet breaks are not."


Eihab Boraie, Senior Editor

Favourite feature - Food Beauty Photography option

"Tweet before you eat! It's a CairoScene motto."

Picture taken with the Huawei G8 "Food Photography" setting.

Ahmed Samy, Staff Writer/Resident DJ

Favourite feature - Loud and clear bottom speakers

"I can finally drown out the apocalyptic noise of this office. I've played gigs that are quieter..."

Amen Afifi, Account Handler

Favorite feature - One touch fingerprint sensor

"I have too much to handle to give you a quote right now. Hold on, I have to take this call."

Ahmed Najeeb, Photographer

Favourite feature - 13 Megapixel Auto-Focus BSI rear camera with DSLR-level Independent ISP

"I don't want to be replaced with a mobile."

Picture taken and edited with Huawei G8

Ahmed Zico, Editorial Assistant

Favorite feature - Timelapse

"I want to go home as soon as possible, so I'll make the day go by quicker."

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