Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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It's Nerd Heaven At Egyptian Science Week

Far too many Egyptian are either doctors, engineers, or pharmacists - but how do you get a child to ACTUALLY love science and not just pursue it because they have to?

Staff Writer

Good inspiration is hard to come by, especially when you’re targeting children. Children are like raw and fresh clay; born with no shape and no knowledge of what they might one day become. Each mound of clay is unique in its texture, colour, and core structure, but all equally malleable. It's the responsibility of adults to help guide the children to find the passion and motivation to mould themselves to the best of their potential. That’s why it becomes very necessary to take advantage of any and all opportunities to guide the children towards inspiration. The Egyptian Week of Science hopes to spark the tiny Galileo inside of every child who yearns to grow.

To kick off Science week, AUC’s Tahrir campus will be flooded with all things scientific and geeky on Saturday the 12th of March from 9 AM – 8 PM. Various scientists and entrepreneurs will be at the Ewart Hall to talk about the popularity of science on a public level. The day will progress to host various games and activities for the sake of fun and enlightenment, as well as an invigorating speech about how to nurture science by Dr. David G. Stork. Dr. Stork is a big deal – he’s the Chief Scientist of Ricoh Innovations and has held appointments, taught, and sat on dissertation committees at Stanford University frequently over the last 17 years. He’s definitely one guy you wouldn’t want to miss out on hearing. If you are more of a visual learner, you’ll get a chance to enjoy fun and engaging videos and even live theatrical skits. The day will conclude with an illuminating discussion about the creation of the universe according to philosophy and physics. The Egyptian Science Week event is one that shouldn't be missed as it has plenty of potential to shape the young minds of tomorrow, today!

For more information and event details, click here.