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Maker Faire Brings Together Creative Cairenes

O ye creative cats, listen up. The builders and dreamers of Cairo will be getting together at the GrEEK Campus to show off their projects and make the future happen.

People who took arts and crafts and shop class seriously in school - classes that were only exciting for nerds, dorks, and geeks - now get a super-cool millennial moniker; you may have heard of it, they call themselves Makers. The term's become synonymous with 'crafty' and 'artsy'. At its broadest, this geek-chic clique includes dudes building robots, robots building dudes, ladies (or guys too, we're sure) that produce sassy cross-stitches, pâtissiers, and game makers. Anybody that creates anything is a maker. 
Makers of Cairo may have felt isolated before but now they have an awesome opportunity to meet like-minded people who share their passion for creation. Now, on March 26, Maker Faire Cairo will be taking over the GrEEK Campus and give the local maker community the chance to show off their projects. After an epically successful mini fair last year, the ante is being upped and this year there isn’t going to be anything mini about it. Well, maybe like small snacks or mini robots or something, that would be cool. Workshops and talks, epic demonstrations, speeches from big shots in the industry - it’s going to be DIY everywhere. The organisers have even wired a flight of stairs, here at the GrEEK Campus, to play like a piano as you step on them. Turns out Frère Jacques is a lot harder to play on stairs. 
Creative Cairenes come together for Maker Faire Cairo! Gamers, bakers, builders, entrepreneurs, and artists - we are all makers. 
Maker Faire Cairo happens on March 26 at The GrEEK Campus. Check out the Facebook event here.