Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Muslim Gamer Banned From Playstation Network For Using His Real Name

Arabic words are scary but calling yourself 'BabyDevourer9000' is fine.

Staff Writer
A Saudi gamer by the name of Jihad Al Mofadda was recently banned from the Playstation Network for using his real name as an account name.
Mofadda took to Reddit to share his story, claiming that he received an email notifying him of the ban on June 7th. The email offered no information and even had the reason for the ban listed as [BAN REASON]. Mofadda contacted Playstation to regain access to games and other purchases he had made during his long time as a gamer and was initially told that he would be able to change his name but, after a few days of silence, another representative refused to offer a solution.
Mofadda posted pictures to confirm his identity along with his post asking for advice on how to proceed. 
Jihad, which traditionally means "striving, applying oneself, struggling, persevering”, has obviously taken on other meanings in the last 15 years. 
Since posting his story on the front page of the internet and speaking to several news sites, Mofadda has been offered the chance to change his user name and regain access to his game library.