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OPPO Launches the World's First Ever Dual Selfie Camera in Egypt

Fitting everyone you know in one group selfie is business as usual with the OPPO F3.

In news more exciting to selfie junkies than the invention of the mighty front camera itself, OPPO just drew the curtains on the revolutionary Oppo F3, the world's first ever phone with a dual selfie camera, which is set to take capturing wide-ranged selfies to a whole new level.

Ever since its inception, OPPO has earned a reputation as THE selfie expert, having released the ultimate selfie phone 9 years ago, before selfies were even a thing. And now, OPPO is taking it one step further with the OPPO F3, which was built from the ground up with its ultimate purpose being to painlessly fit more than 5 people into your selfies, declaring selfie sticks obsolete.

With a cutting-edge 16 MP rear camera, fully equipped with proximity and ambient light sensors, the F3 effectively makes capturing vivid and aesthetically-stunning pictures easier than an IQ test for Albert Einstein. The vast power under the hood comes with a 5.5 inch screen and a staggering 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, so the phone's powerful performance is only matched by the sleek and edgy matte gold slick exterior with an ultra-fine black antenna, transforming the tech innovation into the perfect must-have accessory of the season.

"The F3 was created for urban warriors, selfie aficionados, and lifestyle mavens who want to capture flawless photos, and our ground-breaking dual front camera smartphone will deliver what they seek. The F3 also has great performance capabilities, a premium design, and amazing battery life," says Andy Shi, OPPO's Middle East and North Africa Brand Director.

With the F3, no one will match your selfie game this summer.

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