Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Our 12 Favourite Cosplays From HeUnicon 2016

Another day, another gaggle of nerds gathered at the GrEEK Campus to out-dork each other with arts and crafts.

Staff Writer

Our 12 Favourite Cosplays From HeUnicon 2016

Our office affords us a bird's eye view of the entire GrEEK Campus. Most of the time we use this to spot unruly interns who are late with our morning coffee or spy on the hot dog cart guys but every once in a while we get the best seat in the house to the biggest geek events in the country. HeUnicon was no different, as we sat back and let our social media accounts go to hell so we could judge the crap out of all the fully grown adults dressed up like Japanese cartoon characters. Actually, some of the costumes were pretty impressive so we went ahead and compiled a list of our faves. Behold!

This dude in his Blood Metal Daedric armor not only terrified our office boys but also made us pine for another game of Skyrim. Last time we had to cut it short because of an arrow to the knee.

Jim Carrey's The Mask is basically the greatest movie ever so when we got an eyeful of this wacky spazzoid totally embodying the frenetic nature of the character we had to get a picture. It was totally worth it because he was down for the count after Princess Peach or whoever that is after she hit him with that frying pan.

Ok, we're sort of embarrassed but we have no idea who these Power Ranger/ Sailor Moon types were supposed to be. They never broke character so we were kind of scared to ask.

Xena: Warrior Princess is very welcome on the streets of Cairo. We followed her around for a while seeing if she would chop off the hands of some harassers but it never happened. Shucks.

Hellboy is one of the greatest underground comics of all time, so it to see it pop in a Cairo cosplay con, and even genderswapped, sent more than a few of us into a nerd frenzy. You do you Hellgirl.

We've still got a few days before Suicide Squad hits theaters in Egypt but these two pulled off one hell of a team cosplay with their Joker and Harley Quinn.

Lelouch from Code Geass representing one of the biggest Anime characters at HeUnicon.

While we were disappointed that no naked giants showed up to the GrEEK Campus this Attack on Titan cosplayer put on one hell of a show. Too bad she'll probably die in the next episode.

Is this Mulan? It kinda looks like her and the dragon rockets.

So most of us didn't recognize Ulquiorra Cifer at first and that lead to a little bit of a feud at the office which resulted in a bunch of false promises to watch the Anime Bleach. 

Photos by @Mo4Network's #Mo4Productions 

Photographer: Ezz Elmasry