Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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S.Lounge Just Got Sassier

Quickly becoming a Maadi favourite, S.Lounge has revamped its menu and is ready to give your taste buds what they deserve. We headed over to the grand relaunch last weekend...

Staff Writer

When (the owner) Shahd El Abd gave birth to S.Lounge last year, we were one of the first people to try the new Maadi-an culinary creation. We fell in love with their food (Fisher Man Whorf is one of our favourites), drinks (Road 9 is a must-drink) and the antakha corner where they have tables with fireplaces in them. Last weekend, we heard that S.Lounge was launching a new menu, and if the old menu is anything to go by, it's going to get delicious. We had to see (well, eat) for ourselves. As soon as we entered, we were greeted by El Abd and some cute little sassy white chef hats that said "Queen of the Kitchen" on them and live music.

As we sat down at our table, it only took the waiters eight minutes - we were counting, that's how eager we were - until our table was full. We started with a shrimp cocktail salad, S.Lounge's Golden Basket and mini shrimp and cowboy burgers (the burgers are also available in normal size). WE WERE A LITTLE HUNGRY, OKAY? The shrimp cocktail was beyond a doubt the best we've ever tasted in Egypt. The sauce is incredibly flavourful with a perfect balance of spice, tang and heat. The Golden Basket included fried mozzarella sticks (because everything is better when it's fried), spring rolls, fried mushroom and potato wedges that made us mouthgasm. The mini burgers were a perfect choice not just because of the combination of the melted cheddar cheese with the marinated spices on the shrimp patty but because we don't think we could've survived through to the main course if we had regular sized ones (JKLOL of course we'd survive).

And it was time for the big guy, aka the Atlantic Salmon Fillet. The grilled salmon steak was like no other as it was imported all the way from Norway to Maadi onto our plates, and it was cooked to #NOMNOMNOM. It was served with baby corn, mashed potato, watercress leaves and lemon butter. We totally forgot about the dessert until the waiters came back to our table with a red velvet cheesecake, and how could we resist? HOW? TELL US? Once we tasted it, we were hooked. A red velvet cake with a smooth creamy cheesecake layer tucked in the centre? YUM! Ever the hostess with the mostess, El Abd came up to us as we were having our last bit of the red velvet and asked us if we wanted anything else, but we couldn't, as much as we wanted, we ate so much food that we thought we were in the final stages of labour. And so will you when you go there, and it will be worth it.

For more information, like their page on Facebook here or follow on Instagram at @sloungecai.