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Sala7li App: The Uber of Handiwork

Yes! Now we can finally fix that office toilet that everyone keeps clogging!

It’s mid-July, you’re practically getting fried in your own bed because of the burning heat, and then the frightening sound of the air conditioner going off and then dying again completely pierces your ears. You take a couple of cold showers to survive the night, call an electrician in the morning, and then leave work for a couple of hours the next day only to find yourself waiting for his majesty to arrive and having to go back to work, having accomplished nothing but another sweaty, pointless ride under the blazing sun.

Let’s face it Cairo, handymen have disappointed us. Whether it’s the electrician who always seems to fuse the wrong cable, the technician who screwed up the washing machine, or the handyman who helped add even more noise to the unbearable flush symphony – we need a solution to save our time and patience. Sala7li App definitely comes in handy for this dilemma.

The new application allows you to contact any specialised handyman with a press of a button. First you choose the service you want and then you type out the specifications of the issue you're having, after which someone from Sala7li will contact you and inform you of the time as well as the cost of the service. The best thing about their workers is that they leave you worry-free. They're characterised by punctuality, cleanliness, and respect in interaction with customers; they even wear shoe covers before entering houses and before leaving so as to avoid dirtying up the house - so you don't end up cleaning the entire house for hours after they spend eighteen minutes in the kitchen fixing the oven. Yes!

Accompanying the handyman would be a civil engineer supervising his work. Perhaps the greatest part about this is that there will be no annoying bargaining with the handyman as you will not be discussing prices with him.

Though the app is only active in 6th of October City at this point, we seriously hope it will take over all of Cairo!

You can check out their Facebook page here and download the app here.