Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Snapchat Life Stories Hits Cairo Today

Your chance for global Snapchat glory is here as the popular social network turns the spotlight on Cairo, Egypt.

Staff Writer

Over the past months there has been quite a buzz across the world around the “Life” Snapchat Stories, a global initiative by the social media platform which invites users at a specific geographic location to submit a few seconds of their “perception” of what life in their city looks like.

After some very surprising NYC LifeLA LifeLondon Life, and Dubai Life Snapchat Stories, the Cairo Life story has been announced to hit Cairo today, June 17th.  

Fresh, spontaneous, and most importantly collaborative, the initiative allows users across the world to go on a virtual tour across the city through the snaps, videos, and voices of nothing less than its own users. The NYC Life and LA Life were so successful, that they were repeated a few times and they were actually up for multiple days during the second week of April.

Snapchat debuted their new feature "Our Story" last year, allowing users to collaborate with other people on one central narrative, and has already used the feature to share a 'Rio Live' story for the World Cup Final last year in Brazil.

The app, which recently refused an acquisition by Facebook, is rapidly becoming the most trendy social media tool, reaching 100 million active users worldwide in May 2015. Today, 400 million snapchats circulate across mobile phones worldwide each day.