Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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The Superbook Turns Your Phone Into A Laptop

A Kickstarter project from San Fransisco is totally making us rethink our gadget situation.

Staff Writer

Isn't it silly, when you really think about it, that most of us carry a plethora of devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops – that all perform the same basic functions? The redundancy is not only cumbersome, but it gets pretty freaking expensive too. Sharing files offline, syncing accounts, and all those other drab mundanities shave precious seconds off our lives that we will never, ever get back. You know, we could just have one device with multiple avenues for input and display, and it could save enough time for those of us who use tech every day – to binge watch at least two seasons of a Netflix original series – of our lives: a nifty new gadget on Kickstarter.

The Superbook is an 11.6 inch HD screen laptop shell that uses the incredible power of the little gizmo you already carry around. Connecting your Android phone gives you access to all the files, apps, accounts, and contacts you use every day, blows them up, and allows you to utilize them with a trackpad and keyboard.

The shell also has an eight-hour battery, and also charges your phone when connected. For $99, the Superbook makes any Android smartphone a super productive laptop for about 1/100th of the cost. Not bad.

Most people upgrade their phones every couple of years, but use the same laptop until it explodes, or lights our cat on fire. Unifying the experience between phones and laptops makes for a 'new toy' experience.

The project is already way passed its funding goals – but check out the Kickstater video below, and begin plotting with your friends about how to sneak yours into Egypt.