Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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These Egyptian Students Are Transforming Egypt’s Motor Industry with Solar-Powered and Electric Cars

With electric and solar-powered cars, Mansoura Motorsports are gaining local and international recognition for their creations.

Staff Writer

When we think of Motorsports, Egypt definitely isn't the first place that comes to mind. Few people know that here in Egypt we now have our own home-grown Motorsports team and even our very own sophisticated sports car.

This is all thanks to Mansoura Motorsport, the Mansoura University racing team, who has been designing, developing, and manufacturing cars, as well as participating in international competitions and representing Egypt in several countries around the world since its foundation in 2013.The team was founded by a group of students from the department of Mechanical Engineering, but now includes more than forty from several departments working on different models of cars in preparation to participate in various competitions next year and represent Egypt.

The first goal is to prove the ability of Egyptian youth to innovate and compete in all fields

Now, while others (who shall remain nameless) have had some interesting claims regarding local locomotive engineering, these guys have the goods to back up their every move and claim. Their track record includes some serious business, ranging from their 2015 participation in England's Formula Student (the world's biggest student competition focused on car design and manufacturing) to their most recent participation in this year's Maker Faire.

The team at Makers Faire

"The first goal is to prove the ability of Egyptian youth to innovate and compete in all fields, especially in the development and manufacturing of cars," says 4th year engineering student and Mansoura Motorsport co-founder Mahmoud Mousa. And the ability to innovate is certainly something they've been working on, participating in both the Hybrid-Electric Challenge, snagging an award at the event, and United Solar Challenge.

Mansoura Motorsport’s team leader Mohammed Sharaf confirmed that they are moving forward with the development of a new formula student car that can compete internationally against other teams coming from Germany, England, and other countries around the world. The team is about to start the manufacturing phase, hoping to get enough support to complete their goal. "Such participation gives the world an impression of the stability and educational development in Egypt," explains 4th year civil engineering student Hesham Saleh.Saleh also expressed his hope that his team, as well as other Egyptian teams, will receive sufficient support, financially and morally from all concerned parties in both the private and public sectors, noting the commendable amount of support they've received by Mansoura University since the team's inception.

The founders of Mansoura Motorspot spoke about the urgent need for the contribution of government agencies such as the Arab Organisation For Industrialisation and the Ministry of Industry to ensure the completion of the manufacturing process in the best possible way. Saleh also mentioned the need to facilitate the process of shipping their cars and travelling abroad by the concerned parties such as the Customs Authority and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, as bureaucracy constitutes the biggest hindrance facing Egyptian innovators today.  

Check out a video Mansoura Motorsport made for Formula Student UK Competition below. 

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