Sunday March 26th, 2023
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Uber to Launch New Air Taxi Service in the Middle East

Uber has just revealed plans for a new air ride-hailing service, set to start operating in the cities of Dallas and Dubai by 2020.

Staff Writer

Uber is set to launch flying taxis in the cities of Dallas and Dubai by the year 2020, according to a report by Russia Today. The announcement was made on Tuesday during the three-day Uber Elevate Summit held in Dallas. The unicorn aims to become the world's leader in innovation of urban air travel.

Set to be called the UberAIR service, five aircraft manufacturers have already been collaborating with the billion dollar startup in creating the most ideal air vehicle for the new mode of transport. It will be quiet, electric, self-driven, and won’t cause any disturbances over residential areas. Pilots will reportedly be employed in the first phase to ensure customer trust in the safety of these sky taxis, until more people become accustomed to autonomous technologies.

Photo by Uber

The new venture will be serviced by 'vertiports' scattered across cities, most likely to be installed on the roofs of residential and office buildings. Uber’s vision is to revolutionise urban transport to significantly reduce commuting times, potentially turning 90-minute car journeys into 15-minute air trips. The project is still in its very early stages so details of costs, speed of service, and how widespread it will be, are still unknown.

According to The Telegraph, however, Uber has claimed that when the service starts in Dallas and Dubai in 2020, it will cost just the same as an Uber car ride. The company's Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden has said that the service will eventually become even cheaper as it will be more environmentally-friendly and cheaper than the price of fuel for travelling by car.

Main image by Joby Aviation via Youtube.