Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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VIDEO: This Simple Text Message Will Crash Your iPhone

A pesky Arabic and Chinese SMS is causing problems as whoever receives it will notice their iPhone crash and restart...

Staff Writer

Attention all iPhone users: we have some pretty scary - or entertaining depends on how you take it - news for you on this beautiful day. It seems all of your amazing smartphones aren’t so ‘smart’ after all. Your phone is apparently prone to a simple text message that will make it crash.

It’s an odd combination of characters and symbols which literally shut your phone off as you receive it. In some serious cases, you can’t even open up your messages app after that until the person who sent it sends a follow-up message. This is like a modern horror story...

The message seems to have Arabic and Chinese lettering in it with the words ‘effective’ and ‘power’. Apple is still looking into this and is baffled as to why these odd combinations of characters are currently the iPhone’s worst nemesis.