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You Can Now See Egypt's Rosetta Stone in 3D For the First Time

The British Museum used 3D and VR platform SketchFab to upoad an interactive 3D scan with sound features of artifact.

Ancient Egypt is making its way to our living rooms. Not literally, but close. The British Museum announced the first time 3D scanning of the Rosetta Stone, with the help of the 3D and VR platform SketchFab, and made an interactive version available online with an included sound support feature of audio descriptions on the artefact.

The ancient Egyptian bilingual text can now be viewed and studied in full detail along with several other artifacts in the British Museum including a statue of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II as well as a marble bust of Zeus. So, if you’ve never had a chance to see the ancient stone in real life, you won’t be missing out for long. 

Check out the 3D scan below.

Main Image by Oxford University Press