Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Recyclobekia & Jumia Want Your Broken Gadgets

Manning the doors at the massive launch event for Jumia's new tech blog,, Recyclobekia will only let you in if you bring an old piece of technology to be recycled. We find out more from the self-proclaimed recycling army...

Staff Writer

Geeks make the world a better place. No bias, it’s true: their intricate knowledge and attention to detail is what keeps this world afloat, as well as providing us with The Big Bang Theory. Finally we celebrate the geeks of Egypt and welcome them amongst us as Jumia launches its new blog,, dedicated to all things technological, Sci-Fi and comic book with an epic event at the GrEEk Campus in May 16th. 

RecycloBekia is one of its kind in Egypt. An electronic waste collecting company that offers green recycling and data destruction, they've teamed up with Jumia for an innovative and super geeky way to get you in the event. In the spirit of all that is RecycloBekia, attendees are to give in any piece of used, redundant or impaired piece of technology to gain access to all the fun. So, if you’re grandmother didn’t know how to use a phone and put it in the microwave to charge... bring it! Everyone who brings something with them will also enter into a raffle to win a prize from Jumia's tech section. “We loved this idea when Jumia told us, it is exactly what we are about; bringing awareness to recycling. The idea is new and we hope to see it spread,” tells us Marketing Manager Metwally Magdy.

Since 2011 RecycloBekia became the first company to recycle electronic waste in the Arab world. Their slogan is 'Recycling Army' and they're combating pollution, climate change and costly waste one piece of broken technology at a time. Technology can be the biggest enemy to nature as many elements are not biodegradable. While they encourage each and every individual to recycle their old gadgets, the bigger picture is getting companies who throw out thousands of devices anually to donate them instead. The enviromental troopers that they are, they collect the broken down technology from companies, sort them out and package them to be sent to Europe and China where they have the equipment to dissect and reuse the various elements. "unfortunately Egypt still doesn’t have proper companies that properly break down these pieces this in itself is fairly new,” says Magdy. However, with their unique campaign with Jumia Geek, the hope is that the mere education that technology can and should be recycled will reach more people. So you heard it here first - bring your old devices and enter the huge Jumia Geek launch!

Find out more about Recyclobekia here. For the full schedule of the Jumia Geek launch event, join their page here.