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10 Reasons To Invest In Mangroovy Residence In El Gouna

Everyone is looking for an excuse to leave the Cairo chaos behind them and embrace life by the beach. With Mangroovy Residence, the first beachside residence in El Gouna, you might actually consider making the move.

El Gouna is one of the most highly desirable environmentally friendly places to live in all of Egypt. Until now, the only opportunity to own a piece of this stress-free Red Sea paradise was to pay for ridiculously expensive hotel stays. That was until the amazingly groovy announcement that Mangroovy Residence would be making available the only seafront property in what many have taken to calling the Venice of the Red Sea. With massive hype surrounding the amazing development project, we decided to list the top reasons to invest in a Mangroovy Residence.

The Only Seafront Development in El Gouna
Instantly making Mangroovy Residence the place to be is the simple fact that it’s the only available seafront development in El Gouna and will remain that way for the next three years, thanks to an agreement deal with Orascom. Let’s be honest, if you spent your life amassing the fortune to be able to have a beach home, then you want it on the beach. Beachfront property is often promised only to find out that, although sometimes you can see the sea, it is still quite a walk to reach the beach. With Mangroovy, hitting the beach is as simple as walking out of your home’s back door and throwing a towel down on the coolest beach in El Gouna.

Freezing the Exchange Rate of USD/EGP on the Contract Signed
One of the problems Egyptians face is trying to predict where the currency will be a month from now, let alone in a year. Putting investor fears to rest, Mangroovy Residence is committed to freezing the exchange rate on the day you sign your contract, so no matter what the rate becomes in future you still pay what you agreed to at the time you signed the contract.

Fully Finished Units Upon Delivery
Purchasing a home is a costly investment; proving to be just as costly is furnishing one. Looking to usher you into your new stress-free lifestyle, Mangroovy Residence is fully equipping units with all appliances, starting from the A/C to the kitchen appliances, with zero extra cost. The packages available include all finishing specs.
Not One But Nine Fresh Water Pools
Eyeing the building of a creatively vibrant community, Mangroovy Residence have planned for nine amazing fresh water pools destined to be the coolest place to cool down. For some, dealing with the salt of the sea is a pain. So while the Red Sea, teeming with life, is available, it isn’t your only option for a quick refreshing dip.
Tailor-Made Homes
Offering a wide range of packages, Mangroovy Residence wants you to move into the right seafront home that suits your particular family. From units ranging from one to four bedrooms, Mangroovy Residence believes that you should be able to tailor-make your home like you would a dress or suit. Adding the icing to this already delicious property cake is the fact Mangroovy Residence have enlisted the help of acclaimed interior designer, Mona Hussein, to make sure that your home reflects your personality and creativity.
Flexible Payment Plan
You can search the market and find no better deal than Mangroovy Residence packages, which impressively sets up to six years with 0 per cent interest. Coupled with the fixed exchange rate, Mangroovy Residence packages are very attractive to investors proving that the dream seafront home is closer to reach than you’d think.

Resident’s Discount Card
Aside from attracting a creative community to this gorgeous piece of land, Mangroovy Residence wants to go above and beyond, promising discount cards to all its residents, making life in El Gouna that less stressful while making luxurious amenities and services that much more affordable.
35,000 m² of Gorgeous El Gouna Beach
Aside from being the only seafront property in El Gouna, not all is lost if you don’t snatch up one of the seafront properties. With over 35,000 m² made available to all residences, there is no shortage of beach to bask in the sun and enjoy the plethora of water activities that make El Gouna a highly sought after destination worldwide.

A State-of-the-Art Club House
No community is complete without an amazing cultural hub for its residents to hang out in. As part of Mangroovy Residence’s design plan, a state-of-the-art clubhouse featuring an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, and a variety event rooms to host the perfect parties.

It’s in El Gouna
Tourists from all over the world vacation in El Gouna for a reason. From beautiful weather almost all year to optimal conditions for everything from kite-surfing to diving, El Gouna feels less like Egypt and more of a European secret getaway. With a bustling nightlife and a breathtaking marina, there is no shortage of fun to be had, which is why it’s so exciting that Mangroovy Residence will finally be making available the only seafront property in this blissful stress-free escape.

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