Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Newton Education Services: The Kind of Help You Didn't Know Exists in Egypt

In the search for how to cope with the SAT nightmare, we found Newton Education Services, who basically triple one's chances to have access to excellent collegiate education, especially if you're looking into applying to universities abroad or seeking a scholarship.

Staff Writer

It is no secret that education is a major source of anxiety for students and parents alike since in most cases it is a major pivotal point in one’s life. Despite this, help to students in many aspects of education is completely lacking. Even those who seek education at international high schools will find that the system has Egyptianised the way of teaching, driving students to seek help through big name tutors and ‘centres’ that have little to no idea about what they’re doing, but are good at manipulating desperate students and parents, and making lots of money. 

I know that because I’ve been there. I was that student who lost opportunities because of the GRE test, and I was that fluent English speaker who could not ace the TOEFL. Why? Because quality help was not available.

While desperately searching for quality help with the SAT for my younger cousin, I stumbled across Newton Education Services. It was not apparent to me at first sight that I had actually stumbled upon a full suite of education services in Cairo. Having learned my lesson the hard way, I wanted my cousin to have less trouble at scoring opportunities and so I dug deeper, only to realise the magnitude of what I had just uncovered.

Not only does this educational hub have top notch setups in East and West Cairo, using a lot of media in tutoring in their state of the art, safe and clean buildings (such as Arkan), but they also have unmatched experience, and actual connections to international educational institutions.

While big name mass centres and tutors are talented at performing dazzling test related magic tricks - for example, providing lists of common words to memorise - they lack the depth and structure needed to hone genuine academic discipline, which the tests are perfectly capable of detecting.

Newton, on the other hand, uses technology, mnemonics and social media to bring students a customised learning experience which brings them up to speed very quickly and helps them maintain a much higher rate of information retention. They give piles and piles of homework, and they expect it to be done. They interfere greatly when it is not. They may sound like tough cookies, but when it comes to your education, that's kind of a good thing. Who does that in random high school math classes where teachers are only interested in money making, and couldn’t care less if a student does the homework, or not?

Newton also works on building the much needed stamina and focus for the long draining test hours, helping student to also master certain tips on how to deal with tests in the most efficient way, turning nightmares into a piece of cake.

This December will be the last time the SAT is offered in its current format, with a new SAT coming up this Spring. They’ve already got that part covered. So while students, parents and teachers are panicking left and right, Newton Educational Services has already gotten their teachers trained straight up in collaboration with their Boston-based partner, Chalk Talk International.

‘Who are these people who are so ahead of the game?’ I wondered, and upon research found out things that made it all make sense. Alsherif Wahdan and his wife, Nelly El Zayat, are simply the masters of this field. El Zayat, who has a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard, has an extensive background in advising for international education, and is well versed on placements in top schools. However, her talent exceeds that. She is capable of having one-on-one sessions to understand each student’s needs and character, the program they are looking for, and finally help with polishing applications and personal statements. This happens to be a service that is also provided by Newton Education Services.

El Zayat says that not every school is for everyone. People tend to look for the big names and get disappointed in themselves when they don’t make it. The truth is, you could be a genius, but not a good fit for Harvard, and Harvard could be a bad fit for you. The good news is EVERYONE has a fit, and El Zayat knows them all. “Nothing is beyond your reach,” she says.

Another opportunity that tends to be missed by many is getting a scholarship. The problem is always one of scholarship-granting organisations not finding the right students and vice versa. Newton Education Services offer scholarship management, bringing the two together. They are currently managing Sawiris Foundation’s new scholarship: the Yousriya Loza-Sawiris Scholarship. They design the scholarship application form, set up the interview panel, select the students, and finally help those accepted with their actual university application, which you had better believe me, is no piece of cake.

If you thought SATs, GMAT’s and GREs were the only nightmare, think again. Once again Newton comes to the rescue. They help with reviewing applications thoroughly and advising on content of Statements of Purpose (every applicant’s nightmare). Suddenly, the overwhelming process of applying to ten universities in the USA is no longer daunting.

By organising education fairs, and university visits and coordinating with high school counselors, Newton maintain important connections for everyone, making the educational world more coherent.

They have an SAT course running right now, that just started and that you could still join any time in the coming ten days. They will offer catch up classes and you won’t have missed anything. Not to mention, they have one-no-one and group extra help for students who need it, at no extra charge. You could also check out their electronic platform with 1700 practice questions and specific feedback on each question.

If you’d like to know more call them up. You can meet them and discuss your needs at their headquarters at the AUC Greek Campus, or at their offices in East or West Cairo. I would wish you luck, but with them, you simply don’t need it.

Check out their website and Facebook page for more info. Or call them straight up on +201061455551. You can also follow them on Twitter @newtontestprep.