Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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In a touching display of solidarity, hundreds of Swedes take to Twitter wearing Hijab to stand up against a recent Islamophobic attack.

Staff Writer

While most of the West is currently very (and understandably) confused about Islam due to the media’s portrayal of the what’s going on in Egypt, Sweden has taken a beautiful and touching stand against faith-based racism. A pregnant Muslim woman was recently attacked on the streets of Sweden for wearing a Hijab. Her attacker reportedly ripped her headscarf off and smashed her head against a car while throwing racist comments at her. Although this isn’t the first (and sadly not the last) faith-based hate crime to happen in the West, Swedish men and women showed solidarity with the victim in such a heartfelt way. 

After the attack, they started the Twitter hashtag #HijabUppropet (meaning “Hijab Outcry”) and hundreds of people posted pictures of themselves wearing a headscarf in support of the victimised woman. 

The hashtag is not about religion, but supporting veiled women worldwide. The women, and even some men, spent an entire day in a Hijab to get their message across. 

It’s things like these that brighten your day in a time where religion is tainted by media representation. Seeing women from different religions in a country where Islam is a small minority support a Muslim woman and take such a striking stand against hate crimes is so touching at such a chaotic time.