Monday December 11th, 2023
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10 90s Pop Hits That No Egyptian Will Admit They Love

Before autotune and unfathomable international collaborations (Tamer Hosny and Snoop Dogg - seriously?), Arabic Pop music was in a league of its own.

Staff Writer

Let's face it, the Egyptian Pop song is suffering tremendously at the moment. Influenced by God knows what we seem to think that making good Pop song is about autotune, a House-ish beat, and shooting up steroids. It's like we're the untalented offspring of Guetta and Hulk Hogan at this point. However there was a time when we had it down, and at the time we didn't realise it. We didn't know how well we had it, and we rejected it, only to find ourselves getting drunk and craving those familiar 90s hits we know all the lyrics to.

1.Aly Hemeida - Loolaky

You can't have a list like this without having this one on the top. Though his hair style didn't catch on, it did set him apart. The one hit wonder climbed the charts and stayed there for years with this Avant-Garde piece.

2. Mohamed Foad - Es2aly

Nothing really like pre-belly, enthusiastic Mohamed Foad to provide the necessary sense of nostalgia where it's lacking. This track, from his fourth album of the same name, is pretty much nothing short of genius that withstood the test of time, turning into a classic.

3.Amr Diab - Raseef Nemra 5

Before he had a a case of the Benjamin Button, Amr Diab was a human being that took the scene by storm. Regardless of physicality this is one of Diab's best tunes, if not the best, and this is mainly because of it's lyrics which are the closest thing to ever resemble a true Egyptian ballad, about the neighborhood Shubra where the lyricist Medhat El-Adl was brought up. 

4.Medhat Saleh & Sherif Mounir- El Millionerat

This song became an instant sensation mostly due to its mass appeal. It basically depicts teo Egyptian best friends with little or no money acting like kings of the world and not giving a fuck. Despite not having a pound they still walk around acting like millionaires.

5.Abdel Megeed Abdallah - Raheeb Wala Raheeb

We never really quite know when it comes to Khaliji artists, certain artists' songs do better than others. We personally don't recall Abdel Megeed's other tracks, but we definitely remember this one.

6. Ragheb Alama - Alby 3eshe2ha

Speaking of the wider region, Lebanese Ragheb Alama made this timeless classic which has forever secured him a spot in the YouTube realm and the hearts of Egyptians.

7. Mostafa Amar - Eskandarany

It has become quite evident that Alexandria has become the butt of many jokes by Sahel socialites, but there was time when it was purely magical and it had something special and almost magical in the air. But if you had gone once in the heyday and wish to somehow recreate that beautiful spirit of Alexandria, press play and hear the Alexandrian Amar sing it best.

8.Hossam Hosny - Lolash

The underrated genius of Hossam Hosny went over all our heads at the time. Yes we recognise the tracks, and maybe even the face and the words. But not to the scale that these tunes deserve. 

9.Hisham Abbas & Hamid El Shaaery - 3einy

With a video by a director who had dramatic tendencies comes one of the best music collaborations of the era. Hamid El Shaaery with Hisham Abbas go hard with one of the most catchy hooks of all time.

10.Lateefa - Baheb fe Gharamak

In Versace-inspired pyjamas, we get shivers whenever Lateefa belts out this hit.