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10 Amazing Places to Go Cry in Egypt

When things get out of hand at home and mama has got her shebsheb out one too many times or you've just failed your final exams, these places are the absolute best to go to have a lonely cry.

The Cairo Tower

At 600 feet above the ground, it is the easiest place to realise that you would be way too scared to ever actually jump. The long lift up will also provide much time for reflection, and looking in the mirror whilst you cry if that's your kind of thing. 

Photo courtesy of Afar

Fish Garden Caves

It's usually quite deserted, you can hear a cool echo to your wimpers, and the stalactites almost make it look like the caves are crying with you.

New Downtown Parking Lot

A hidden gem of a place to cry especially if you're in your car. There's little to no signal so you won't be bothered by all these people you don't want to talk to whilst pounding the steering wheel, and then pounding it again.On The Run Bathrooms

These are the best. Very spacious if you feel like having a dramatic bathroom lie down, not to mention they're the only bathrooms which are always fully stocked with tissues.


If you going to cry your eyes out, make it in front of a governmental building's queue. People will think you are just crying out of pure bureaucratic frustration. You may just find everyone joins in with you.Felucca

For just 50 LE, you can be completely on your own except for the boatman who doesn't give a shit about your problems. Ain't marakby got time for that. The Nile will absorb your tears.

Outside a Nightclub

A) People will just think your drunk. B) People will think you've had a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend. C) People will think you couldn't get in and zabatak then you can dance your problems away. D) Drunk people are friendly and social and will try to cheer you up.

Cairo Necropolis

Have a cry en masse in the City of the Dead; no excuses necessary.

3 AM Showing of Fifty Shades of Grey

There's no better place to go have a little cry then somewhere equally as depressing as how you're feeling. With 50 Shades out in Cairo cinemas, possibly the worst movie ever made, crying in the back row is expected. You may just bond with the pervert crying next to you because all the soft core scenes have been taken out.A London Cab

If you need to get somewhere whilst still in teary despair, the London Cabs in Cairo have a partition between the back seats and the driver.