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10 Awesome Activities to Do Between Sets at 3alganoob 2015

With the countdown to Spring Break on everyone's mind, we gear up for 3alganoob's epic activities programme featuring yoga, water sports, fire dancing and more...

Staff Writer

10 Awesome Activities to Do Between Sets at 3alganoob 2015

Destined to be the talk of this year’s Spring Break, 3alganoob 2015 has one of the largest and best musical line-ups of the year. Running from the 10th-12th of April in Soma Bay, with over a 120 musicians from 19 bands comprised of hottest emerging regional and international acts, it is no surprise that over half the tickets are already gone.

In an effort to show just how much is actually going on, we have decided to compile a list of the best spiritual, physical and musical activities to do at 3alganoob aside from catching their impressively awesome music line-up.

Kite Surfing & Stand-Up Paddling

One of Soma Bay’s best kept secrets is that it is one of the most amazing spot to go kite surfing. This massive turquoise-blue lagoon features 2km² of shallow, knee to hip-deep water, making the site ideal for all skill levels. Providing both Stand-Up Paddling and Kite Surfing is Tornado Surf, who will be setting up directly on 3alganoob’s beach making it super convenient for all those looking to hit the waters or sky this break, without ever missing any of the amazing musical acts scheduled.

Diving and Snorkeling

No trip to Red Sea is complete without visiting the cast of Finding Nemo. Providing the opportunity to do so in not one but three locations to dive is the very popular Orca dive club. For those looking to snorkel, Orca will be providing unlimited dives and free snorkeling at their in-house reef. For those look to adventure a little further and deeper, Orca will also be providing dives at Tobia Arbaa and the Panorama, ensuring that all skill levels find the kind of dive they are looking for this spring break.

Sand Boarding

Snowboarding’s Arab cousin, sand boarding has been quickly spreading to desert dunes all around the world. Forming the first Egyptian sand boarding team in 2008 and acting as the sole representative for the International Federation for Sand Boarding in Egypt and the Middle East, are the widely popular Dune Raiders. Bringing their expertise and knowledge, Dune Raiders will be taking all 3alganoob boarders looking for an adrenaline fix on a patented artificial sand dune.

Drum Circles

No 3alganoob experience is complete without participating in the hypnotic rhythm of an all-out drum circle. Considered one of the most ancient team activities in history, the drum circle is an exercise in equality where people of all ages can contribute to the rhythm that ultimately creates a group consciousness. Inviting you to join their tribe is none other than the ground-breaking Bongoz Drum Circle who, led by Ahmed Bahaa, will have you channeling your primordial spirit and feeling the unique power of drum circles that can’t be aptly described in words but can instantly be felt by those who make up the circle.


Originating from Brazil, Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines a variety of disciplines ranging from acrobatics to dance. Known for its wide array of swift, complex movements, Capoeira is a fun but intense workout that will have you powerfully spinning and kicking up and down the beaches of Soma Bay. Teaching you the ways of this Brazilian art form is none other than Canatloupa and Calorento of Olorum Bahia Capoeira, who will be welcoming all to join as they immerse Soma Bay Beach in the Brazilian sounds and styles that have made this art a global phenomenon.

Hatha Yoga

With 3alganoob’s breath-taking marathon of music, patrons will need a chance to recharge their batteries. Ready to enlighten, Hatha Yoga, led by Noha Sayed el-Ahl, will be providing classes on the beach that will combine stretching and strength postures, breathing exercises, chants, and meditation. Designed to de-stress, this class will provide you with the tools to journey into oneself and will help you find inner peace that will benefit your overall health long after you leave the beach. 


Not sure what to do in between bands? Why not strengthen your core while boosting your self-confidence while you wait? Providing an introductory course into the world of Pilates is none other than Eva Refaat. Defined as the art of controlled movement, Pilates is a discipline that builds strength, flexibility, and endurance through precise positions designed to keep you tone without building bulk or risking injury. By strengthening their powerhouse, all those who participate will have a deeper understanding of their own centre of gravity and how to use it to stay fit.

Gong Guided Sound Meditation

There will be no shortages of electrified sound waves travelling along the beach at 3alganoob 2015. However, none of the sounds will be as therapeutic and as spiritually healing as the Gong Guided Sound Meditation class led by Gong Master, relationship coach and healing practitioner Nadia Siraj. Spiritually associated with the word Om, the gong has ability to transport you deeper into yourself only to emerge with a better appreciation of how a gong controls the wavelength of both time and space while bringing participants to a meaningful inner peace by helping them release all negative emotions trapped within.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Need a break from sitting around and watching one mind blowing band after the next? Then perhaps you need a good stretch. Inviting you to find the liquidity in your movements is Sarah Yassin who will provide an introductory course, open to all levels of practitioners, into the health benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Vinyasa is defined as the alignment of movement and breath, which turns static asanas into dynamic flow. Feel your core being strengthened through a vigorous sequence of body-bending postures designed to connect you with your inner sacred space.

Poi Workshop

Photo By: Nina Wessel

There is arguably nothing more historically hypnotising than the mixture of fire and dance. Poi is defined as both the style of performance art and the equipment used in a dance that creates rhythmic and geometric pattern using swinging tethered weights. In other words, were talking about fire dancing, and leading this workshop is none other than Seif Khirfan. As one can imagine, it takes years of training before taking the next step of dancing with pois set on fire. Using unlit practice pois, Khirfan will teach all those interested how to handle them, focusing on timing, and learning some awesome tricks like the ‘weave’, ‘butterfly’, ‘isolation’, along with a slew of other jaw dropping patterns. Turning up the heat, Khirfan will be following up his workshop with a fiery night performance that will be as hot and captivating as any of the musical acts set to take this year’s stage.

Needless to say no matter what you or your friends want to do this spring break, 3alganoob has got you all covered. With a large variety of activities and workshops led by experts in the field, 3alganoob sets itself apart by bringing together a mosaic of communities that share a passion for both music and Red Sea activities. 

Find out more about 3alganoob here.