Thursday July 25th, 2024
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10 Best Moments from Clique Beach Club's Opening Weekend

As Cairo's movers and shakers descended upon the sandy shores of Sokhna, we teamed up with sisterfriend CairoZoom to capture the magic and mayhem.

Staff Writer

10 Best Moments from Clique Beach Club's Opening Weekend

After Sahel season's definitive closure last month, our lives were suddenly devoid of the beachside parties we had grown used to. Our souls felt empty, our livers felt healthy; this couldn't be right. We had spent a summer full of daytime frolics and nocturnal antics, but now Sahel was cold and barren, like our bitchy aunt who always gave us dirty looks and had more cats that any single human should.

Thankfully, a saviour appeared in the form of Clique Beach Club, the newest spot to hit Sukhna's coastline, which promised to let us spend the day partying on the beach and the night, well, partying on the beach. The new hotspot's opening weekend saw all of Cairo's movers and shakers descend upon the seaside for some nighttime mayhem on Thursday, all day wild times on Friday, and a sun-dappled daytime barbecue on Saturday. We were there, front and centre, taking in all the good times and all the vodka, along with our snap-happy sibling CairoZoom. Here are some of the best moments of the trio of days, as capture by CairoZoom. 


Yeah so listen, that girl's outfit sucks. Look without making it obvious you're looking.


I am happy because this is definitely not apple juice. 

The requisite selfie because in this day and age if you don't take a selfie to prove your presence on this earth then you basically don't exist.


I say a little prayer for my wine to arrive faster. Because otherwise I might go on a murderous rampage and that will just ruin the whole weekend. 


Hahaha I giggle because I hope no one would be stupid enough to think they looks as fucking fabulous as I do in all white. 


I'm sexy and I know it.


My beauteous smile radiates like the moon. 


Here we are, pressing more buttons. When we press buttons, we make people dance. We're damn good button pressers.


This is how you become the ultimate in cool. Watch and learn kids, it's called fucking multitasking.


I didn't make it to the rodeo this week. 


That girl's skirt is the fugliest thing I've ever seen. 


I'm just going to pretend this weird guy in a panda hat isn't creepily standing behind me. 


Photography by Johnny Zikry and Jan Selim.