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10 Causes of Road Rage in Cairo

Well, at least the TOP ten.

1. Koshk owners putting boxes of crisps/Molto/empty bottles in a way that blocks off half the lane

2. People driving dilapidated Communist-made cars with a distinct lack of manners and/or depth perception

3. Sha3bi music blaring from a motorcycle carrying three generations of the same family and a crate of rice

4. Rusted muscle cars abandoned and gathering dust in the best parking spot on the street

5. Any fucking bridge across the Nile

6. Being obligated to tip the sayes whose only contribution was saying “ta3ala” fourteen times

7. Being pelted with pebbles/sand/chickens from the back of the truck in front of you

8. Wedding processions. Enough said.

9. The counterfeit cigarettes you just bought from that lady on the curb because you were in too much of a rush to stop at the koshk

10. People with better cars than you. Why should they be allowed to have nice things when you’re driving a 15 year old, battered Lancer?