Saturday July 20th, 2024
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10 Coolest Event Decorations

In our matrimonial misadventures throughout other people's weddings we came across Zeena Events, whose decorations are a veritable visual pleasure. Here are our favourites.

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10 Coolest Event Decorations

With wedding season firmly upon us (barring a short break during Ramadan, it will no doubt resume in August) we've been attending matrimonial ceremony after matrimonial ceremony, and after enough of these you start paying attention to the actual decorations.  After our most recent nuptial invitational, where we obsessed over the gorgeous decorations, we did a little digging and found out they were created by Zeena Events (not like the warrior princess, or some cute nickname version of the name Zeina, but zeena as in the Arabic word for decorations). And so we decided we needed to find out more about these creators of epic décor.

Let us start with the awesomeness of their office. Whereas we admittedly have an awesome view, they've got their office space decked out like a vintage-chic-floral-fantasy (please come decorate our office, guys). It's a rather Instagrammable office, if we do say so ourselves. The company was founded in 2009 by Dina Faltas, Lydia Shohdy, and Kareem Ramez. With a background in fine arts, the three of them started out just helping with engagements for close friends, and when demand for their darling décor increased, they eventually started the company.

Essentially, they are creative munchkins who make kickass decorations for events, covering everything from weddings to corporate Ramadan Kheimas, tailor-making the theme for each, and pulling out all the stops to reveal a final result that's visual feast for the eyes. They thrive on conceiving creative ideas for the different demands of each client. Dina says, "The challenge is working with totally different themes – we have one wedding coming up where the girl wants a royal wedding, and then an hour later we'll meet with a client who wants a black/crazy/party atmosphere, and then a third, completely different theme, but that's also the coolest part of our job!"

And they've worked with everyone from crazy bridezillas to corporate powerhouses like Ericsson, Vodafone, and Heineken, to purveyors of wild parties Tamarai, doing everything from conceiving the theme all the way down to the designing the way the napkins are arranged. "It's really all about tailor-making a brand new idea for each client," Lydia explains. "We want every detail to reflect exactly what the client wants for the theme."

So naturally, we requested to see some of their work, and these guys have some created some seriously amazing stuff. Here are our top ten favourite event decorations, in no particular order because we love them all.

1. Black-Themed Wedding at Fairmont Nile Towers

2. Bohemian-Themed Wedding at Tamarai (So it seems Zeena Events totally got on the boho-bicycle trend before The Lemon Tree & Co. ever existed!). 
3. 1001 Arabian Nights Themed Ramadan Iftar for Ericsson at Smart Village Conference Center
4. Hawaiian Themed Wedding at Palm Hills 
5. Floral Wedding at Maraa'shly Church
6. Olden-day Themed Ramadan Iftar at the JW Marriott
7. Enchanted Forest Wedding at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza

8. Waterfall screens at a wedding in Uptown Cairo 

9. Floral hoops at a wedding at the Fairmont Heliopolis

 10. Wooden grid bar at the Fairmont Heliopolis


When you're done obsessing over the sheer gorgeousness and creativity above, you can also take a look at this adorable Ramadan lantern we discovered at their place, and promptly stole as we left their office.

The decoration gurus can basically tackle any event you've got, and transform it from average to Instagrammable magic, and a serious visual experience. Being the seasoned experts they are, they can also recommend the best DJs, photographers, and whatever other human trimmings you need for your event. Plus they aren’t limited to Cairo, and can throw (and have thrown) equally stunning bashes everywhere in Egypt, from Sukhna to Sharm. If you're looking for a legitimately pimped-out event, these are pretty much your go-to guys!

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @zeenaevents.