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10 Hottest World Cup Players

With kick off signalling the beginning of a world-wide obsession with balls and nets, the CairoScene girls have something different on their minds. Introducing this month's eye-candy...

We CairoScene girls are not avid watchers of football; watching men kick a ball trying to get it into a big net thingy is not exactly thrilling. Having said that, we could be persuaded to diligently watch each and every match of the World Cup by virtue of the hotness levels of the men doing the aforementioned kicking. We will now objectify these athletes because essentially, these men are the 10 reasons girls should watch the World Cup this year. Disclaimer: Cristiano Ronaldo is so hot he has his own list and as such will not be featured on this one. Everyone knows he's hot. These guys are hidden gems. Enjoy.

1. Matt Hummels, Germany

Basically the best thing to come out of Germany since schnitzel. No, since beer. No, since the creation of Germany itself.

2. Olivier Giroud, France

Mais oui Olivier, we would love to eat escargots in bed and do whatever else the French do with you.

3. Asmir Begovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

We couldn’t locate Bosnia and that other hard-sounding word on a map if our life depended on it. Now we can because we are currently booking a flight there.

4. Gerard Pique, Spain

So, Shakira may have won this round, but just wait until their divorce. Then we'll have a chance with him for sure…

5. The entire Spanish team.

Actually, this genetically-blessed land has produced an entire team of men for objectification purposes

6. Wesley Sneijder, the Netherlands

Possibly the best thing to come out of the Netherlands since illegally exported weed…

7. Mauricio Pinilla, Chile 

Clearly, Chile is a go-to place if its male specimens look like this. 

8. Panagiotis Kone, Greece

Umm so Pana, can we call you Pana? You know Greece is close enough that we could totally make a long distance relationship work. Just saying

9. Karim Ansafarid, Iran

Weh esmo Karim kaman? Ya habibi.

10. The entire Italian team.

Hey guys, if the whole World Cup footballers thing doesn’t work out, you always have Dolce & Gabbana modeling to fall back on.