Monday May 20th, 2024
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10 Meals Under 50 LE in Cairo

Eating out can really burn a pretty little hole in your pocket and before you know it you’ve spent your entire salary stuffing your face. We're here to help...

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10 Meals Under 50 LE in Cairo

Disclaimer: Taxes are not included in this and they may very well fuck you over.

Fettucine Chicken Alfredo from Crave – 48.95 EGP

Pepperoni Pizza (medium) from Vinny’s Pizzeria – 49 EGP  

Half Chicken from Andrea – 35 EGP


The BGQ Burger from Burgerque – 45 EGP

Cajun Chicken Sandwich from Fuddruckers – 47 EGP

Keftedes Gyros from The Greek – 34 EGP

Crisp Fried Chicken – 39.50 EGP & Fried Rice with Vegetables – 9.50 EGP from Peking 


Sweet and Sour Chicken – 38 EGP & Fried Rice with Eggs – 10 EGP from Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant 

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Fattah with Chicken from Café Riche – 50 EGP

Mix Grill Meal from Al-Tazaj – 41.19 EGP

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All photos courtesy of their respective Facebook pages unless stated otherwise.