Sunday July 21st, 2024
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10 Most Badass Moments in Recent Egyptian History

We Egyptians are brave bunch - here are some of the most memorable daredevil moments over the last few years.

Staff Writer

10 Most Badass Moments in Recent Egyptian History

That time someone did a handstand in the middle of chaos.

That time Russians illegally topped the Pyramids..

That time Awesome Magazine had someone jump into the Nile dressed as an Aztec bird.

That time Ahmed el Sakka beat the shit out of Ramez Galal for pretending to be a shark.

That time Ahmad Al-Shahhat AKA Flagman scaled the Israeli Embassy building and ripped off their flag

That time this woman told Obama to shut up his mouse.

That time this guy thought Alexandria had a nudist beach

That time students did the Harlem Shake at the Pyramids... and then got arrested.

That time this Sayed El Essawy went up against a lion with his bare hands

That time CairoScene April Fooled a nation into thinking there was a strip club opening in Zamalek.