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10 Reasons Egyptians Come Home for Ramadan

Cairo Airport arrivals looked like one big family gathering last weekend

There is nothing quite like celebrating Ramadan in Egypt. Every year Egyptian expats flock from all over the world to spend this special annual tradition with those they love most. With large families and even larger appetites, ticket prices soar but it's totally worth it...

Mama’s Cooking


Mom's famous cinnamon chicken and potato salad! Lunch.

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For those who left their families behind, returning to Egypt for Ramadan is a no brainer. Let’s be honest: no restaurant in the world will deliver on satisfaction quite like mama’s best dish. She knows what you have been missing and will always be ready to stuff you even more than her memorable ma7shy.  

Easier to Avoid Temptations and Cravings

Fasting can be very difficult when you are surrounded by people constantly eating, drinking and smoking. It’s enough to drive anyone into purchasing a ticket straight to Egypt lest you want to punch your non-fasting friends.

Food Comas and Ramadan Series

Every day during Ramadan the most highly anticipated event is the breaking of one’s fast. A close second though is melting into the couch and slipping into a food coma with the family to enjoy one of the million made for Ramadan TV series. Studios all across Egypt save their best programming for Ramadan to capitalize on the fact that you have no will to move after gorging yourself.


Arabs have big families and since there are two sides of the family, we doubt that you’ll get to eat in your house more than twice in the 30 days of Ramadan. If you know what we are talking about then we recommend taking the #303ozomas30Days Challenge. It's totally doable (and cost-effective).

Generosity and Unity Flourish

Ramadan is a truly special time of the year where people forget their differences. One of the most touching reasons to come back is to witness this country’s generosity when sunset comes during Ramadan. Mosques and local communities provide food for the poor, and if you haven’t made it to a dinner table on time, don’t worry, as we are sure there will be an Egyptian on the street handing out water and dates to those looking to break.

Easier to Perform Religious Duties

Why drive around for a long time to find one of the few mosques in your non-Muslim country, when you could walk five-minutes in any direction and pray Taraweeh?

The Whole Nation Eats at the Same Time

Whether you are at an 3ozoma, a restaurant, or have ordered McDonald’s, this country knows that people don’t have patience to wait for their food after the sun immediately sets. That being said, everyone who serves food, including McDonald’s, will make sure to organise a system so that you are breaking your fast as soon as you hear the cannon.

Reminiscing About How Ramadan Was Back in the Day

Egyptians love nostalgia and when families and friends come together it seems like the past comes up a lot . “Remember when Ramadan was in Winter and we only had to fast until 4:30pm? I miss those days,” the young'uns will say, while the older generation will try and describe the fact that the month had a different 'taste' way back when.

Eat Your Face Off Until the Sun Rises


#ramadan#so7oor#10daysLeft#dont_miss_it!! @instaburger1 a taste to remember...

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We all need to eat Sohour to have enough fuel to last the next day. Restaurants abroad tend to close before midnight, leaving many to have to prepare super late night meals at home. However, in Egypt, sunrise is closing time and until then everything will deliver, restaurants will be happening and hours after you broke your fast with family, another family member will invite you for an after midnight meal.

Eid is a National Holiday For All to Enjoy

Celebrating Eid in a non-Muslim country sucks as it is often not considered a national holiday, leaving you to have to take time off work or school. With many forced to take time off to celebrate anyway, coming to Egypt seems like the right thing to do as all your friends and families have the same day off and the best reason to celebrate. If that isn’t a good enough reason, then we have one word for you: Ka7k.