Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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10 Stupid Questions Egyptians with Tattoos Hate Getting Asked

Yes, it's real.

Staff Writer

If you’re inked, you’ll know what we mean…

Is that real?

Apparently Egyptians think that tattoos can't be real, it could be some dirt and you may wash it to clean your skin.

Are you Muslim or Christmas?

They will ask you if you're Christian and say “enta Christmas?” Because Christians traditionally get inked in Egypt.


You will be asked if it's real or if you just got back from a holiday in Sharm.

Tamr Henna?

There’s a movie called Tamr Henna where Roushdy Abaza got his girlfriend's picture tattooed on his chest and he had to remove it after they broke up. This is them trying relate to you and they will ask you if you’re going to remove it the same way he did. P.S. He removed his tattoo using Sulfuric acid, so your answer should be no.

Da22? Please don't be shocked when people asked you if it was literally knocked into your skin with a hammer. They don’t believe there are needles and new techniques of getting tattooed.

Washm or Tattoo?

Basically, washm means tattoo in Arabic but some tend to believe that a washm refers to a permanent tattoo and tattoo refers to a temporary one.

Are you Randy Orton?

It’s like tattoos only belong on WWE wrestlers. Sometimes’ they’ll stop and ask, “how much did it cost you to get Vin Diesel on your arm?”



Some people think you’ve just got released from prison because you’re inked.

Can I touch it? 

How does it feel? OMG it’s as same as your skin… REALLY?

A7a da haram!

Many still drink alcohol, do drugs, have sex and cheat on their wives but getting a tattoo is a haram as eating pork.