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10 Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Karim - The Guy Who's Everywhere

He’s taking selfies with John Travolta, Sofia Vergara, and posing with Rami Malek at the Emmys. This man's living the fast life, and it’s safe to say Mohamed Karim is EVERYWHERE!

We keep seeing him make an appearance on our timeline more than shawerma fera5, and believe it or not, we have no idea how we feel about that. Is he hiding in our showers? Chilling in the fridge? Waiting for us in our cars? We definitely want to see more, but at the same time, we seriously wish we saw less. Here’s everything you need to know about him…
Mohamed Karim's always found a way through the busy celebs for a picture...Following his guest appearance on 7eena Maysara in 2007, along with Al Rayes Omar Harb in 2008, you might actually remember him from a brief role as Salem from Haifa Wehbe's Dokkan Shahata... Truth is, he actually graduated high school in Los Angeles. Very khawaga.
 Ringing a bell? He was the show host for The Voice Middle East in 2012!We don't know how, but he starred in British film Facebook Romance and won Best Actor at the Monaco International Film Festival. It happened.

Then he started posting videos like this, which people found... peculiar. 

Things escalated, and suddenly this happened:

One Facebook user, Khaled Mokhtar, took it upon himself to question Mohamed Karim's holy methods of social media.

"What hello? We're about to roast you. #TheTruthAboutMohamedKarim"

Not once. "Artist Mohamed Karim needs a little extra swag with this picture, so feel free to comment your swaggiest pictures, and here's me starting it." 

What can we say? Mohamed Karim left an influence on the hearts of social media users. Even iconic comedian Marwan Younis couldn't help but "begad."