Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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10 Gorgeous Egyptian Gifts to Get Your Foreign Friends

We've had enough of that 'Made in China' stuff, masquerading as Egyptian heritage, and we certainly don't want to spend a fortune to get great gifts. Here are some unique options...

Staff Writer

Whether you’re Egyptian or an expat living in Cairo, whenever you travel to visit friends or family, it is recommended, nay expected of you, to bring them gifts. You can almost see the disappointment in their eyes if you arrive – returning triumphantly from the ancient land of pyramids and pharaohs! – with nothing. Or a little plastic pyramid that will probably end up in a garage sale or a sumo wrestler sized t-shirt that says I heart camels. Mostly, we look through places and what we find tends either to be too expensive or not related to Egyptian culture and while Khan El Khalili will always be a gem, and even the tourist traps that are souvenir stores have a gaudy, cute quality to them (fine, we have fridge magnets from everywhere, FINE) sometimes you want some other options.

So if you want to gift your friends and family with something that reflects elements of the culture and that also happens to be soething that they’ll actually like, we’ve rounded up some homegrown Egyptian brands whose pieces have a distinctly ethnic touch to them but won’t break the bank. That way, your mother-in-law will not toss out the sparkle-filled Sphinx head that you decided to pick up last minute at the airport.

Menna Khalil 

A blend of authentic and etnic will indeed give the receiver not only a smile on their face, but an idea of Egypt's culture, talent and style.

Maklad Wali  

Technology is taking over the world and Wali's brand is not missing out. They produce leather bags, wallets, laptop and mobile cases with the colourful spirit of our country.

Farida Hookahs  

What better way to express Egypt in a present than to show off what they love the most? Some good smoking time, with Farida Hookah's unique designs that reflect Egypt's history and arts.

Jozee Boutique 

If your friend is a female, then you know where to head to. Jozee Boutique  gracefully injects ethnicity and elegance into handmade fashion pieces that carry the spirit of Egypt without embroidering camels on everything. 


Take the Egyptian soul, wrap it up in some artsy designs and turn it into a gorgeous bag, and your friends have an Allaga piece right in the palm of their hands. 


Celebrating part of society rarely depicted outside of paintings; Nootka takes Nubian culture, art and taste and makes colorful masterpieces out of them.

Mayar Moharram  

This talent right here captures a different side of the country; she reflects the art scene on her work along with actresses and singers as her inspiration. Arabic calligraphy is also part of what she produces and it is definitely intriguing to other cultures and people of different languages.

Maniere Jewelry  

Nothing is as classy as silver, and there's nothing like Maniere Jewelry to show the beauty of Arabic script and art in jewelry that will render the language immortal.

Atef Wassef  

Atef Wassef makes drop dead gorgeous jewellery that will astonish anyone who lays eyes on them. They truly give one an insight into the world of Egyptian talents and hanicrafts.

J's Designs

Modern fashion and jewellery designs muddled with a touch of Orientall makes for classy, fashionable and precious gifts.