Monday 5 of December, 2022
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10 Worst Egyptian Store Names

Having teamed up with Jumia to find the best of the worst Egyptian store names, here are some of the most hilarious entries we've had so far. You've got until tomorrow to enter the competition and win yourself an iPhone...

Staff Writer

We teamed up with Jumia, who are celebrating their 2nd anniversary this week, and Mobinil, with a competition that might nab you an iPhone 5s. To win yourself the iPhone 5s, all you actually have to do is snap a pic of the funniest, weirdest, or just downright wrong, shop names you've seen in Egypt, upload on Instagram tag @CairoScene, @JumiaEgypt, and @mobinil with the hashtag #JumiaTurns2 to enter.

These stores that use…let's call it artistic license when it comes to their names deserve to have their hilarity highlighted. You have until Tuesday 21st October to enter, but we've had loads of entries so far, some of which are seriously epic. Here are some of the worst best store names that have been entered in the competition so far! These will make your day. You're welcome. 

Do not at any point compare us to mass market food giants GAD. We are NOT GAD. Clearly we are a niche restaurant that has whole grain feteer and organic kebda from grass-fed cows. Jeez. 


Christmas is a year round event for us. Deck the halls with toppat steretch


This is where we house all the creeps. More creeps welcome. Excellent creep nutrition available.


No, this isn’t some mistake. It's excellent marketing! We're hiring, guys…


We speak Landan fery best. Effar cins 2001 ya brince. 


We heard Google's headquarters was amazing…


Hey, let's take McDonald's logo and flip it upside down. Shhh, no one will ever know…


We just one-upped Facebook. Screw you Mark Zuckerberg. 


Funky Pooping. FUNKY POOPING. This is where you wanna get beautified.


We're famous and we know it.