Monday May 29th, 2023
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10 Inventive Ways to Get Warmer

Brrrr, it's cold in here....

Staff Writer

It. Is. Cold! This country is not prepared for temperatures like the ones we had to face these past few days. But fortunately we have come up with easy and simple ways how you can heat up your life today without jetting off to the Carribean. 

Listen to your Mum


Remember mum told you to put on an extra layer this morning? Don't you regret you didn't listen to her now? Mummy knows what keeps your kidneys warm (ELBES FANELA!!!) and how good a Chamomile tea is for you, so listen to the lady!

Watch Mia Khalifa


Recently becoming Pornhub's favourite 'performer', Lebanese-born Mia Khalifa will quite literally make you forget how cold it is by how hot she is. OR - you can get really angry at her and still succeed at getting all hot under the collar.

Put on a screensaver of a fireplace


Most people in Cairo aren't fortunate enough to have an actual fireplace in their home. The good news is that you can easily download a video of a cosy fire on the internet and fool your brain into actually thinking it's warmer. Alternatively, you may just stare at the above picture for a couple of hours. 

Give your Mum a hug


Here's your chance to get warmer and make your mother happier. Give your mum a hug as her love hosts a lot of warmth. And so does her body. Steal that body heat!

Cover your body with Voltaren


Voltaren vows to heat up your sore muscles after working out. Basically, shivering all day could be considered a workout so why not cover your entire body with the warming ointment? And while you're at it, hug your mum once more...

Watch films set in Sahara


Christmas is over so you it's time to quit watching Christmas movies with snow and freezing people. It is now time to get your copy of Lawrence of Arabia out which will take you on a three hour journey to the land of heat and maybe, just maybe, your body will forget for a second that you are actually sitting in bed, covered in blankets, in wintery Cairo.

Cover your food in hot sauce


It's not called hot sauce for no reason: while you might feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning, you mouth being on fire will have a positive effect on your body temperature. It may actually make you sweat if you use enough of it.

Grow a beard


It has become a bit of a dangerous fashion choice in this country in the past few years but we're sure those bold, bearded men are not regretting their facial hair today. Beards keep you and your face warm and has a proven effect with the ladies as well. Think about that...

Wear a blanket


We've never been a friend of conventions, especially if they result in being cold. This guy, walking through CityStars with a blanket, makes us want to forget everything we know about acceptable behaviour and take our cuddly blanket everywhere we go. Who really needs to look good (or sane) when feeling the beautiful warmth of a blanket while shopping?

Photo credit: Mina Ra'ouf Kelada

Don't walk, run!


Get that heart rate up and your blood circulating instead of shivering in your bed. The easiest way to make your body warm is to work out. Clean your room profusely, take your dog for a run or jump from bed to couch in your home...just don't stop moving!