Thursday June 8th, 2023
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10 Things You Missed in Egypt Because of the Sandstorm

We can barely see a few metres in front of us in this dusty weather, which is unfortunate because some crazy stuff went down yesterday. Check out what you missed here...

Staff Writer

Putin Riding a Camel Topless

The Russian president is at it again, this time galloping around the Mena House.

Gay Pride Parade

The LGBT community of Cairo decided to spontaneously protest and host the First Egyptian Gay Pride Parade. Lots of people showed up.

Coolio Got Wasted in Tahrir Square

Sightseeing in Cairo, Coolio got carried away, publicly! We were there, too. Stay tuned for a new episode of EL SCENE coming soon...

Mia Khalifa Shot Her Latest Skin Flick at Pharaonic Village

The world’s most watched porn star made a naked appearance. People loved it!

Samsung Succeeded in Taking the Biggest Selfie in Egypt

Finally, after many attempts, the wide-selfie mode captured the largest amount of people ever to fit into one selfie. A whopping 2200 people were snapped. 

Egyptian Iron Man Made an Appearance by the Nile

After Spiderman and Batman graced Cairo, our version of Iron Man flew across the Nile yesterday. It was amaaaazing…

The Alexandria Monkeys Got Their Revenge

After last week’s ordeal, the monkeys of Alexandria escaped their captivity and went wild… literally. Look at all that destruction!

Welad Abu Ismael Arrived

Whaaaaat??? We know, check that out.

The Mubarak Family, Now Free, Had a Picnic in Azhar Park

Look how smug they are...

Elham Shaheen Finished Her Transformation to a Tank and Roamed the Streets

We have long awaited this day. Yesterday, it finally happened.

Bassem Youssef Filmed his Comeback Special

Before appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Youssef staged his big return to the Egyptian screens in a huge open air special and it was hilarious.