Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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11 Epic Lingerie Finds in Downtown Cairo

We headed out in search of some sexy sets. Awesome findings ensue. You men are in for a treat. A real treat.

Staff Writer

Ever wondered how to add a little spice to your bedroom activities? Look no further than Downtown Cairo, where you can find 1,001 lovely variations of sexy lingerie! Suck it Victoria’s Secret, we don’t need you and your basic lacy pretty things; we have neon, we have sequins, we have mesh, we have fur in strategic places… Goddamit, we’ve got the best lingerie in the business!  

My husband loves neon green mesh. It really gets him going. 

I would like for there to be a giant flower cut-out on my stomach and also a row of tiny circles cut out across my boobs. Because I don’t want to give too much away. I want to stay classy.

Jumpsuits are actually really happening right now. 

Some kids made an arts and crafts project for school. They didn’t know it would be used to cover my crotch. We just added some string. It’s called upcycling. 

 Business in the front, party in the back. 

Ana gozy bey7eb el tiegar.  

Lingerie designers: Here’s what we’re going to do with this piece: we’re going to make it look like a flamingo exploding from her vagina. Men love that.

I want like, lace stockings, but for my whole body. Don’t be bee2a, this is exactly how the Europeans do it. 

Simplicity, people. Simplicity.

I want to shine like a golden Pharaoh. 

This is the best thing ever in all of life ever in history. Tufts of black fur. TUFTS OF BLACK FUR. BLACK. FUR. ON CROTCH AND NIPPLES. Black fur.