Monday 28 of November, 2022
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11 Places to Get Fit This Ramadan

If you think Ramadan is a time for you to binge eat, watch TV and smoke Shisha all night long ,think again. This could be your chance to get super fit and summer ready...

Staff Writer

While it might sound counter-intuitive, what with the thirst that comes with fasting, Ramadan is actually the perfect time to get fit. Shorter working hours and a gap between work and Iftar give plenty of time to work up a sweat, before quenching your thirst and satiating your hunger come Maghreb. Better yet, plenty of gyms and groups offer special rates for the Holy Month.


Fibers will be offering the month of Ramadan for free for existing members renewing their deal, or any new sign ups. A one year membership at Fibers is 6840 LE, six months membership is 4180 LE and 3 months come in at LE 2660.


This family of health fanatics conjure up workout programmes that make you the good kind of sore. Promising to get you stronger, healthier and more toned with their four-week strength training course during the Holy Month, their monthly fees offer five sessions a week for 700 LE, four per week for 600 LE, and three per week for 500 LE. The programme will be available in three different locations: Heliopolis Club (members only), Heliopolis El Shorouk Club and Sky Resort at 5th Settlement.

CrossFit MonkeyBars

Unleash the monkey within. The tribe of certified instructors are available for the whole family, young, old and already fit, there are programmess that target everyone, so that no one is excluded. Seeing that Ramadan is all about the family spirit, this is a good chance to go for a family work out. Don’t be fooled by their name, the monkey clan does not solely focus on CrossFit. For the Bootcamp programme, fees are at 600 LE for one month. The little ones have their own Little Monkey programme at 500 LE for one month. The family package with Bootcamp Monkeys and Little Monkeys (one adult and one child) is 950 LE.



Who run the world? You, ladies. Hers gym has a special Ramadan offer on its three month membership which comes in at 1800 LE and that includes one month for free.


Fight and Fitness Factory

Just as the name denotes the innovative gym is all about combat sports. Their Ramadan programme which they have dubbed “Formet Ramadan” runs for four weeks, six days a week with two optional class timings except Friday which is a one hour class from either 8pm or 10pm. If you’re already a member, you can attend for free. For non members the price will be 600LE. 

Fit Squad


Join the squad in their outdoor pursuits of total body conditioning. One month for three sessions a week is at 400 LE, four times a week for 500 LE, five times a week for for LE 600 and six times a week for 700 LE. Fit Squad have fixed their schedule for this Ramadan with Saturdays to Wednesdays before Iftar from 5pm-6pm and after Iftar from 10pm-11pm. 


Don’t just head to Vibe for the spa, you can treat yourself to that after the workout. Their Ramadan offers allow you a one month membership discounted at 2350 LE instead of 3435 LE and includes 16 personal training sessions and four nutrition sessions

Ignite Egypt


Ignite the fitness beast within. Ignite Egypt promises challenges and, more importantly, results. Their Ramadan schedule runs before Iftar and we like that it offers variety. From 5pm to 6pm on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday they'll offering performance training, pilates on Thursday, and calisthenics on Tuesday. For 16 sessions per month the price is 640 LE and if you decide at the spur of the moment to hit a workout, it’s at LE 80 for a single session with a first trial session for free. 

Samia Allouba


The pricey but renowned Samia Allouba is running a Ramadan offer with a one year membership at 4370 LE instead of 3750 LE . The chain’s edge is that it offers variety that stop you from getting bored of a routine and has plenty of locations.

Eve’s Gym


Another shout out for the ladies, with this female-only gym ensuring you can continue your squats throughout the Holy month of Ramadan. A one year membership with two months for free is at 3500 LE , a six month membership offers one month free at 1800 LE  and a membership for one month is just 400 LE.

Wild Guanabana

The adventure travel group offers a perfect outdoor setting helping you not only explore your surrounding but get a workout too. Walk n’ Yoga, which runs every other Saturday, will be running for the month of Ramadan at 3.30PM starting 27th of June. The event is free all year round, with a LE 3 ticket to enter the protectorate.