Sunday July 21st, 2024
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11 Top Egyptian Street Foods

We're a nation that comes together over food and there's tonnes of it on every corner. Here are our favourite on-the-go bites that are intrinsically Egyptian.

Staff Writer

11 Top Egyptian Street Foods
Fresh Juice
Courtesy of Jordan Cam
Sweet Potato
Courtesy of TravelStart
Cotton Candy (in a bag)
Courtesy of MarMar
Grilled Corn
Courtesy of Paldf
Fool & Ta3meya
Courtesy of Al Masry Al Youm
Gelato (the Egyptian Kind)
Courtesy of 3DP
Courtesy of S3
Hommos Sham (extra chilli)
Courtesy of Thaqaf Nafsak
 Liver and Sausages
Courtesy of Al Jahizira
Semeet (AKA the Egyptian Pretzel)
Courtesy of 3DP
Al Jahizira
Main photo by Abanoub Ramsis.