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11 of Egypt's Sexiest Legs

Seriously, how do they get their skin glistening like that?

Having beautiful legs is a masterwork from the divine creator – that's the only way we can explain it when we see a pair of gorgeous, toned, and glistening legs. But, believe it or not, it takes effort from the chosen ones with a blessed lower body to maintain that look and smoothness. We've done it all – sugaring, waxing, and wearing pants when we really want to wear skirts – but we know shaving is the easiest and most painless way to do it, especially when bae calls you for a night out and you're about to throw on your sexiest little black dress. We've all gotten a ton of mom-hate thrown at us for opting for the razors, though.

What we've come to realise is that you can't blame a razor if you're using it completely wrong. In light of their new 'Breeze' razor, we boldly called up Gillette Venus to get our facts straight, and we've proven ourselves to be right! *holds up a fist with a pink razor* They have confirmed the following: exfoliate! The razor will be jammed with dead skin cells rather than hair, so let your skin breathe before you remove your hair. Oh, and by the way, stop using soap and other God-knows-what products instead of proper shaving gels. Your skin needs the proper lubricant to have a razor gliding through it. Also, pro tip: never forget to shave in one direction, and never, ever, should you dare use that old razor that’s been hanging in your shower for two weeks. Ever.

Next time you reach for a brand new smooth razor, use it like you want to be on a CairoScene list of the sexiest legs in Egypt.

Suzan Salah Idris


Fatma Hassan


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Tara Emad

Lara Riad

Amina Khalil

Zayneb Azzam


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Nelly Karim


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Hadia Ghaleb


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Yasmin Raeis


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Heba Serag


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Salma Abudeif


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