Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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12 Best Moments From The Tap East's Opening

The best thing that's happened to New Cairo since Old Cairo, The Tap East is open and ready for business! We teamed up with our moment-capturing sis CairoZoom to deliver you all the best snaps from their opening this past weekend.

Staff Writer

Ever since we heard The Tap was opening up another location in New Cairo, we've been borderline freaking out about having a new favourite spot this side of the Da2iry. Live music, great food, and plenty of nutritious drinks are now yours, denizens of New Cairo, without the mind numbing ride to Maadi. We were invited as super special awesome guests for a special opening night preview of The Tap East before they let anybody else in. Jealous much? Here are some of the coolest moments from the booze-soaked day.

The indoor bar had us like whoa... (not pictured: the temper tantrum we threw when we lost at foosball).


The outdoor bar was set for some fun in the sun (pictured: our Skot Thayer isn't good at waiting his turn).


The Tap East doesn't discriminate; even dudes who vape are allowed in. Vape is the new black after all.


Moez and some grandpa guitars jammed an eclectic set outdoors.


Chit-chatting over margaritas and beer, what could be better?


Tons of outdoor seating with a dedicated bar makes us happy Sceners. Clearly it makes this guy happy too.


Every scene was represented including budding fashionistas and dudes covered in tattoos.


As the sun went down the selfies didn't stop. The selfies never stop.


Screwdriver broke in The Tap East's stage with the best live covers.


We really loved their rendition of Uptown Funk where that one guy got so excited he spilled his drink.


Cheers dude!


You had us at slushy fruit drinks.


Check out The Tap East on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography by Mahmoud Sameh.