Monday May 20th, 2024
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12 Pointless Decisions We Make In Egypt Daily

Just think how much more efficient we could be if we didn't spend hours choosing between bamia and molokheya...

Staff Writer

12 Pointless Decisions We Make In Egypt Daily

There is rice, there is molekheya. Tayeb, 7elw awi. Wait, there is also bamia. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Say Salam3alakum to the bawab or not... every time...

Just give the taxi driver the 5LE full note or wait for your 4LE in change...

Are you going to pay your phone bill or keep pushing it following the umpteenth text warning?

Do you put the air conditioning on 22°C high fan or 21°C low fan? Do you get up in the middle of the night to turn the AC off just to turn it back on again an hour later? Decisions, decisions.

Will you play russian roulette with your snooze button and head in late to work? After all, it's so cold outside your blanket because of the AC...

When you only have a 20LE note at the kiosk and you need change, but the kiosk man says he doesn't have change even though you know he does, do you buy something from the kiosk or look around for change in your pocket? And if you have a 100LE note and you just want to buy gum, do you break the note or go around looking for change...

Ordering food. You want something new, you want something different, you are tired of ordering fast food. You look online, you ask around and after much deliberation you end up ordering fast food.

Do you take 6 October Bridge or Al Azhar tunnel?

Do you keep driving and take the u-turn to the other side of the street or park and risk your life crossing the road?

Is the shatafa enough or do you have to mission it to find toilet paper?

Should you stay in Egypt or not?