Monday December 11th, 2023
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12 Things We Need To Do Before Ramadan

Here is your official checklist of things you need to hurry up and get done on this final weekend before we find Ramadan upon us...

Staff Writer

Once again Ramadan has snuck up on us and all across the land, Egyptians are scrambling this weekend to do all the things we will miss doing during the month. If this comes as a surprise to you, then stop everything you have planned this weekend and do these 12 things right now before it’s too late.

Head to the Beach

It isn’t haram to go to the beach during Ramadan; however it is nearly impossible to enjoy yourself, be it at the pool or the beach, in summer desert heat with nothing to drink. That being said the weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and there is no shortage of options, so head there now, as by the end of Ramadan the summer heat will reach its peak and you will regret not capitalising on the opportunity this weekend.


Renew Your Gym Membership

Although Ramadan is a time of fasting, people tend to gain weight as for thirty days we tend to overcompensate our daily food intake. For many healthy and stir crazy Muslims, going to the gym after iftar becomes part of the routine in Ramadan as no one wants to ruin their beach bodies in the middle of summer. With all the work you put into creating your format el sahel bod, it would be haram to let it go to waste.


Start Grocery Shopping

The first day of Ramadan marks the first 3ozooma of the month and will set the bar for the 29 3ozoomas to follow. As everyone will be scrambling this week to raid grocery stores, it may be wise to plan to get everything you need this weekend. The closer you wait to the start of Ramadan, the longer you will have to wait in endless lines and the higher the probability that some of the ingredients you will seek will be sold out.


Get your Coffee Fix as Caffeine Withdrawal is a Mean Bitch

Some of us just can’t function without coffee. If we could we would hook ourselves up to coffee drip 24/7. Sadly that isn’t possible and with Ramadan rapidly approaching, a nation of coffee drinkers are about to turn into the meanest people imaginable. If you love your coffee like we do then take the time to find a nice place and start drinking until it the fast begins. The responsible coffee drinkers would do the opposite and attempt to wean yourself off this deliciously addictive life enhancer.

Catch a Movie Matinee While You Can

When Ramadan starts movie theatres across the land close down during the day. So this weekend may be the perfect time to catch that movie you’ve been meaning to see, as during Ramadan securing a seat becomes difficult as only few screenings are offered after iftar, with most of them selling out at the speed of light. Don’t be the only one who hasn’t seen X-men as you will regret not seeing this epic masterpiece, and by the time Ramadan ends it may be gone.


Book Your Ramadan/Eid Reservations Yesterday

Egyptians always wait until the last minute to make bookings at restaurants and hotels, as if they forgot that Egypt’s population is roughly 90 million. Don’t be a sorry sap that misses having the best bash because they forgot that reservations are an annual problem in Ramadan.


Call Al Ahzar and Find out what is Haram this Ramadan

With technology becoming a massive part of our lives, there are plenty of grey areas that haven’t been addressed. Is it haram to post a picture of food on Instagram during fasting hours? If we search on Google and a naked picture randomly appears have we broken our fast? We don’t know but we do plan on calling al-Ahzar to find out.


 Prepare Yourself for Some Serious Couch Surfing

TV series in Ramadan are almost as anticipated as breaking your fast. With all TV series seeming to come out all at the same time, it may be a good idea to create a schedule so that the whole family catches all the series they want to see without creating a routine fight.


Get Ahead of Your Work before Half Day Work Days

During Ramadan our work days are shortened to ensure we can all break fast at the same time. Some bosses understand that your weakened body will not function efficiently, while others do not care and still expect you to meet all deadlines. If your job is demanding then this weekend maybe the best time to get ahead of work, so that you don’t find yourself hungry and drowning at your job.


Party Like it’s Your Last Time

During Ramadan all clubs close, and alcohol becomes almost impossible to find. With this being the last weekend, we suggest picking a few of your favourite night spots and going on an all-out bar crawl. By the time it ends you should need a month of recovery otherwise you are partying wrong.


Swear It Out

Swearing is a large part of the Egyptian language; however one swear can break your fast. If you happen to swear like a sailor maybe this is the weekend to set sails and get it out there, so that by the start of Ramadan you are all cursed out.


Finish Game of Thrones

Watching Game of Thrones during fasting hours will surely be considered haram. Make sure you watch as much as you can before Ramadan begins as trying to watch it after iftar will surely be a fight as I am sure your TV will be occupied with the gazillion made-for-Ramadan TV series.