Thursday July 25th, 2024
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13 Absurd Photos that Prove Sahel is Totally Crazypants

Debauchery at its finest.

Staff Writer

13 Absurd Photos that Prove Sahel is Totally Crazypants

Sahel season... An exhausting and exhilarating month. Remember the days when you'd sit around your karya at night at eat fiteer with your cousins? Maybe you'd get really wild and have two fiteers. Maybe one of them would have eshta on it. Well that was then and this is now and these days Sahel doesn't do chill anymore. If you're not prepared to stay up all night schmoozing with people who can spell Marchesa backwards while a trapeze artist/waitress hanging from a beam serves you unicorn tartar on a tray made of bubbles, then you're just not in with the cool crowd.

Sahel season is extravagant, outlandish, insanely entertaining, and quite frankly, downright impressive and incredible. And our snap-happy sibling CairoZoom was on hand to capture all the antics. Here are some of the best (read: weirdest) moments from this year...

I play the violin upside down because what kind of loser plays it upright in this day and age.
Walkman Night ft. DJ Tough Guy & Caitlin @ Tabla


My style, my rules. I don't see why girls should get to wear flower crowns and I'm being denied my Native American headband with a feather. It's a very nice feather.
(Theatre of Dreams @ Tijuana Beach/Exit)


I don't know why I am dressed like a sheikh. I just wanted to know what it was like to have Arab money.
Summer of Love @The Lemon Tree Marassi


This nice man brought his sword with him to the beach to open a champagne bottle. 
St. Regis Cairo Evening Rituals @ Martin's Beach Club


I want to be invisible and visible at the same time. 
Weekend @ Mint


I felt like this was the place I could be the Iron Man I always believed I was.
Soul Button, Abou Samra, Sebzz, Fayek @ Exit


Retro Fashion Beach Party @ Amwaj Sidi Abdel Rahman


This guy decided to make his own juice on the beach because buying it from a shop is just too commercial.  
Westin Resort & Spa @ Martin's Beach Club


We don't know why there is a robot.
Signature Night @ 6ix Degrees


I. Am. So. Fucking. Fabulous.  
Weekend @ Mint

 How can I become a bubble? The balls stuck to my body don't seem to have worked. I'll get there someday. 
Summer of Love @The Lemon Tree Marassi

 I will not let my fans down by wearing something normal. 
Assi El Hallani @ Tabla 


 We don't know. We just don't know.
Soul Button, Abou Samra, Sebzz, Fayek @ Exit