Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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13 Egypt Pains

So we know there are much more important things to worry about, but that's what makes our petty problems so hard to deal with...

Staff Writer

In the midst of being in the eye of the worlds' political storm, it's easy for the absolute disparity and dissonance in our lives not to have sunk in quite yet. And for the apathetic people among us, it's still the little things about this country that plague our everyday existence:

1 a) There's always a broken air conditioner in your house because AC repair men in Egypt are all nasabeen and don't fix it properly in the hope of getting more money next time round.

b) The one time you try using the AC for heat, all that comes out is a bad smell.

2. You’ve poured way too much molokheya into your rice.

3. There's an army tank in your parking spot.

4. The delivery man dropped your KFC, now there's coleslaw juice all over your Dinner Box (spicy).

5. On the Run stopped selling bafra.

6. a) Your maid ruined you best shirt and then lied about it.

b) You've purchased a very expensive dryer, maid still insists on hanging wet clothes on the balcony.

7.You're scared of the police, the army, the baltegeya and the Brotherhood so now you just stay at home.


8. You have to go to a dry wedding.

9. When you have to justify leaving a cafe to the waiter who thinks you’re friends.

10. The constant sound of fireworks, not just for celebration, but for happiness, or anger or anything really. 

11.When you’re in a government building and people are looking at your iPhone like it's a time machine.

12.Sometimes you think your style is cool until you go abroad and realise that trend finished four years ago.

13. The taxi driver offers you Cleopatra cigarette, then gets upset and offended when you start to smoke Merit Asfar.