Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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13 Egyptian Sis-Code Rules

A sister is always more important than the mister. Last time, Hassan Abdeltawab broke down the Egyptian bro code - this time around, he's taking on the rules that girlfriends religiously live by...

Staff Writer

For starters let me talk about the elephant in the room; yeah I’m a guy writing the ‘sis-code’. So what? Don’t start reading this with skepticism and prejudice; don’t automatically ready yourselves to hate me even before you read on. In my defense, I didn’t actually come up with any of these; I had loads girls provide me with a list according to what they believe the sis-code is. Shofto el zolm we7ish ezzay? I am merely going to provide insight with regards to what I was given. Anyhow, let’s get down to business. I have recently shared with you the Egyptian bro-code and when I started reading through the sis-code suggestions I was pretty surprised to find these extreme differences. For the sake of full honesty, I actually found the sis-code to be so much more fun and entertaining to work with. Oh and bear with me because the whole point of this is to add some saf and have some fun.

A sis shall always join her fellow sis on her trip to the bathroom, even if it is a one-toilet bathroom.
(7ammam Gama3i)

Now this is really weird girls; I get it when it is to powder your nose (what the hell is powdering your nose?!) or do some quick bathroom gossip. But seriously, that whole one toilet stall together is kind of weird. Mafruud kda tedkholi wi tkooni bra7tik wi bta3. Well, whatever floats your boat habibty

A sis shall never date her sis’s ex, even if the former insists it's ok.

(Ma7adish yakol matra7 okhto ya3ni)

Yeah I am with you on this one girls - an ex should always remain off limits when you are besties kida ya3ni. Asl begad neither of you is going to enjoy the experience; one of you will feel hurt while the other will feel the whole deal is just too awkward. Mish rammramma fargha wi khalas heya.

A sis shall automatically hate the same people her sis hates, regardless of how much you want to love anyone.(Ya ma3aya ya ma3ahom)

A true sis sticks by her sis no matter what. Especially when dealing with hatred. Fairness is just not an element here; your bestie hating someone means you hate that person more. Shawreeli 3al mza3lik bas, wi ana hafshakhhomlik.

A sis shall always promptly update her sis with the latest gossip; no such thing as keeping a secret unless it belongs to the sis.
(Super tassyee7 style)

I am not being stereotypical or unfair with this one begad. Girl besties will talk about anyone and judge the fuck out of them, but they would never gossip about or judge each other. Fe3lan el mennak mennak!

A sis shall always create a chat group with two or more of her fellow sisses to discuss anything regardless of how frivolous.
(Raghy fil halik)

Every topic has to have its own Whatsapp group. It doesn’t matter how silly it is or how pointless the group is because for some reason the group of sisses must be involved in everything. Even though most girls are more comfortable making their own decision about anything, the sis’ opinion is vital. And even if the discussion ends within a few minutes, the texting is then just prolonged to become a discussion about some very different topic.

A sis shall always consult with her fellow sis when it comes to shopping and make sure that her sis doesn't own the exact same item; white lies are not accepted.
(El top dah ye2rif wi mtakhanik fashkh)

Eih ra2yik fi dah” or “dah 7elw 3alaya walla ya3” are regular questions you would hear between sisses and the answers must be honest. If something makes her butt look big, you have to tell her. But there's an additional layer to this. The thing with girls is that no matter how close they are and no matter how much they sometimes enjoy matching clothes together, it is a great NO to own the same exact piece of clothing. If you want to buy the exact same piece that your sis has already selected, you need to get permission.

A sis shall always use the terms ‘fugly’ and ‘slut’ when referring to the sis’s ex’s new girlfriend.
(Yemeen Shmmal, t2ooli enaha bint weskha)

The only person hated more than the ex-boyfriend is his new girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if she is the cutest or sweetest little girl with a heart of gold; lazim teshtimmi wi tel3ani feeha, wi t2ooli enaha zbala wi ugly wi bta3. I am with you girls on this one and I get it. But what if your sis already has a boyfriend ya3ni? Shouldn’t that mean that khalas she moved on? Wala howa ay nakkad wi khalas ya3ni?

A sis shall always provide detailed breakdowns of her dates unless the fellow sis was recently dumped.
(E7keeli kolo biltafaseel el momella)

A true sis will always tell her bestie about every single detail of any of her dates and a true sis attentively and eagerly listens. The story and the details in a way serve to help analyse what to do differently next time or what to improve masalan. This, of course, is strictly prohibited if your bestie has recently gotten out of a relationship and needs comforting instead. Ya regala, e7na mafdoo7een dayman bgd, they tell each other EVERYTHING.

A sis will always check with her sis before posting a picture of herself online to ensure beauty and caption creativity.
(Aktib eih fil caption 3ashan makonsh cheesy) 

Social media stands as the voice of power and beauty for each girl. It is of the utmost importance that everything that goes online is perfect. A sis will always check with her bestie to check that the photo brings out the best of her beauty and that the caption is cool and not cheesy or lame. 

A sis shall always fluently use the ‘look talk’, or code names to maintain secrecy when in a public setting and to avoid getting stuck with sleazy dudes.
(Ana 3arfa el bassa di ma3naha eih)

The best way to keep a secret is to secretly tell the secret. Ya3ni as sisses do, speak with looks not words. There is just something about ‘the Look’ that only a sis would understand; it is kind of scary to know you girls have these powers. And the fake name thing is cool bardo; no one wants a sleaze as a stalker or even a stalker as a stalker.

A sis shall offer and share clothes with her fellow sis for and on any occasion.
(Dollabi dolabik)

Piles upon piles and shelves upon shelves of clothes are still somehow not enough to fulfill the needs of some girls. There is always that khorooga that needs that extra different element that you do not own. Unlike bros, a sis would love and find it a duty to share her clothes with her bestie in a time of need. Matez3aloosh, bas bgd most guys mish wakhdeen balhom min elfar2 aslan, inshalla telbisi PJs

A sis shall always accept and endure bitchy-ness from her sis if she is PMS-ing.
(Kolaha yomein talata wi akhod 7a2i)

PMS-ing, relationship drama, or family 7ewarat are perfectly acceptable reasons for a sis to be bitchy to her fellow sis. It is a natural cycle of the relationship between besties, and the one with less kharra in her life is obligated to endure and be supportive.

A sis shall always brag about gifts from guys especially if it is designer bags, shoes, or lingerie.
(Ana sa7by beydal3ni fashkh)

Girls love to be pampered as long as they are not being belittled. And even though they say that they prefer the romantic sentiment, they just love their designer products. They love them so much they always brag and brag about them to the bestie because with everyone else you need to seem like you don’t like it much or don’t care. Farhada fashkh bgd.

Yalla bye ba2a. I will be hiding out until you girls forget about me writing this list.

Photography by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photographer: Ahmed Najeeb.